Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 left feet

I guess the chances were 50/50...

Today...Hudson put on his shoes all by himself.
He called me over proudly, pointed to his feet, then pointed to himself. I got the message loud and clear, even though the only word spoken was "MMMMMOM!"

I praised him enthusiastically. And didn't have the heart to tell him they were on backwards.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ummmm...what can you even call this?!?

After Rob and I finished reading this...all I could say was "That opposite of Hudson".

I don't think I have ever delibrately avoided sitting next to someone on the bus (unless they looked like they'd be smelly or crazy), but I would definitely look for an alternate seat if that guy was on the bus.

Monday, August 25, 2008

5 Monday randoms

1. I got 6 (SIX!!!) mosquito bites on my back yesterday. I wasn't even really outdoors...I was playing in the car (Hudson's absolute FAVORITE activity right now is sitting in the driver's seat, pretending to drive) in the garage (we were hanging out with Rob who was cleaning the garage). I was in the car for maybe 10 minutes max when I started feeling itchy. Then I saw a mosquito about to land on Hudson's face...I shooed it away. Rob killed the greedy little bugger who tried to bite Rob too. I've got 6 welts on my back. It looks gross.

2. I took Hudson to a playgroup this morning. Half way through, he kept looking at me and saying "Home". My dog is more socialized than my son. Whenever another little boy or girl got too close to Hudson, he'd wave his hands at them, telling them to stay away.

3. I had a craving for McDonalds today. The simple, 5 mm cheeseburger was way more satisfying than the homemade, ground sirloin burgers I made last week with caramalized onions, fried mushrooms, melted swiss cheese, on a fresh bakery bun. Seriously McD's is so yummy to me.

4. Rob (being a dental hygienist) wants to eliminate juice in the house for Hudson's teeth sake. His wish is for Hudson to drink water and EAT fruit. This sounds as plausible as me not sneaking in fast food into the house.

5. I LOVE Kidd Rock's "All Summer Long" song. It came on the radio so I turned it up and started singing and dancing along...Hudson watched for a few seconds before walking to the stereo and turned it off. He's got balls, my kid.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The dog ate my homework.

Hudson made his first craft project (including glue and feathers...soooo messy!) at our community playgroup today. He was so proud of it. He carried it all the way to the car...beaming.

Later, at home, I was in the bathroom, when he came in all frantically...pointing out the door, yelling "Oof! Oof! OOOOFFFF!!!"

I came out as quickly as I discover that Bosco had stolen Hudson's craft off of my purse (it was just resting on top) and was chewing it up on his bed. Hudson was mortified. I salvaged what I could. The dog really did eat his homework.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hudson got his haircut yesterday. As his mama, I always think he looks cute, even when he's got dried yogurt encrusted around his my vote may not count. But what do YOU think? Is he cuter with long bohemian hair?

or a proper boy's short do?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"how high?"

Hudson hasn't quite grasped the concept of jumping, although he practices often! His feet have yet to leave the ground. I LOVE it. It makes me smile every single time. I almost don't want him to jump for real. This way is so much sweeter, no?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

When the letter "A" is not a letter "a"...

Hudson has recently discovered the alphabet. He points out letters, and wants us to name them. He recognizes many of his "favorite" letters. A recent conversation:

Hudson pointing at the letters: c-a-t in a book

Me: C
Him: nodding yes
Me: A
Him: nuh-uh (shaking his head no)
Me: yes...that's the letter "a"
Him: nuh-uh (shaking his head harder no)
Me: Hudson...that's the letter "a". It's the little letter "a" (he has seen the capital letter "A" and the little letter "a" as seen here on the left...but apparently he hasn't seen the letter "a" like this.
Him: getting visibly aggitated "NUH-UH" (violently shaking his head no) "DAD!"
He thinks I'm lying and wants his dad to settle this arguement.
Dad: "Hudson, that's the letter "a".
Hudson has meltdown.
Dad tells him it's not the letter "a".

If you freak out enough...nothing is set in stone.