Monday, August 25, 2008

5 Monday randoms

1. I got 6 (SIX!!!) mosquito bites on my back yesterday. I wasn't even really outdoors...I was playing in the car (Hudson's absolute FAVORITE activity right now is sitting in the driver's seat, pretending to drive) in the garage (we were hanging out with Rob who was cleaning the garage). I was in the car for maybe 10 minutes max when I started feeling itchy. Then I saw a mosquito about to land on Hudson's face...I shooed it away. Rob killed the greedy little bugger who tried to bite Rob too. I've got 6 welts on my back. It looks gross.

2. I took Hudson to a playgroup this morning. Half way through, he kept looking at me and saying "Home". My dog is more socialized than my son. Whenever another little boy or girl got too close to Hudson, he'd wave his hands at them, telling them to stay away.

3. I had a craving for McDonalds today. The simple, 5 mm cheeseburger was way more satisfying than the homemade, ground sirloin burgers I made last week with caramalized onions, fried mushrooms, melted swiss cheese, on a fresh bakery bun. Seriously McD's is so yummy to me.

4. Rob (being a dental hygienist) wants to eliminate juice in the house for Hudson's teeth sake. His wish is for Hudson to drink water and EAT fruit. This sounds as plausible as me not sneaking in fast food into the house.

5. I LOVE Kidd Rock's "All Summer Long" song. It came on the radio so I turned it up and started singing and dancing along...Hudson watched for a few seconds before walking to the stereo and turned it off. He's got balls, my kid.


joyce said...

6. I just gave Hudson a bowl of Cheerios as a snack. I mixed some plain Cheerios with some of the Fruit-Flavored ones (to try to "healthy-it-up"). He just brought me the bowl...and in ALL the plain Cheerios..and NONE of the fruit-ones.

Kaili said...

I also LOVE that kidd rock song, but feel kinda silly saying that, cause I don't like Kidd rock! I love crackin' it and dancing around too!

Hudson sounds like Rachel when she was little. We would sneak peas into her spoonful of food and she would spit out ONLY the peas! Talented these little kids!

Shannon said...

I love that he shoos other kids away. Maybe the other kids bore him too much. He's got standards.

I saw those fruit flavored Cheerios at the store and thought that Fruit Loops just changed their packaging.

Sonia said...

Hee hee, no worries, he will become a social little guy eventually. Both my kids were like that when they were younger, but they have changed so much in a short period of time.

Susan said...

I loved No.5 - Hudson will definately not be pushed around in Kindergarten! He'll probably convince his Dad to assist and teach the "proper" alphabet to his classmates... just joking, Rob!

Chantal said...

lol!! Hudson is a normal kid. Once he hits 3 though, he'll want nothing more than to find all kids his age and be friends with them! He'll probably even drag you across the street to get to the kid on the other side. He's gonna surprise you mom!