Friday, August 21, 2009

Introducing Pretend Bosco

Making Hudson's new "Build-a-Bear" stuffed animal's passport.

He named his new puppy "Bosco". Original, eh?

Taking ownership very seriously.

Pleding to always love and care for his new tou-tou.

He took these vows very seriously. For real.

The gang with all their Build-A-Bear dolls.

Hudson was allowed to choose his own doll, and for weeks he kept saying he wanted to get the Cow. But once we were in the store again, he browsed through all the animals and changed his mind and chose the Black Lab. He then named him "Bosco", despite all of us trying to persuade him to choose a different name. So now, we have two black lab puppies in our family, both Bosco's...and to prevent confusion...Hudson has added the adjectives "Real" Bosco and "Pretend" Bosco when he talks about them.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's official...

I got the call from Rob, and we'll be moving (in October) to...


I'm so excited, since this was our first choice province (after being told that Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta were "closed"). BC is beautiful, familiar, and we both have some family and friends's still a little sad knowing how far we'll be from the rest of our family and friends here in Montreal. Hudson cried when I told him we'll have to take an airplane to move into our new house. Lately he's been wanting to move back into his "own" house with Daddy, Mommy, Bosco, and he even includes the Baby in mommy's belly. I think he understands that having to take an airplane means it's really far away. Poor guy...however I know he'll be thrilled to get to live with Daddy again. We'll just have to make sure we schedule lots and lots of visits with his loved ones from Quebec. Start saving your money...we'll be bugging you guys to come visit!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How old do they get before you don't want to smother them with kisses every time you see them sleeping?!?

Cuz I don't think he'll like it when he's 17 years old. Actually he doesn't even like it now.

Snippets of my life in short conversations:

Hudson: Mommy, your armpicks (armpits) are scratchy (stubbly). (after tickling them)
Me: They are?
Hudson: Like Daddy face.
Me: Oh, thanks for telling me...I'll shave them then.
Hudson: Romy's armpicks are not scratchy.

Romy: Bosco doesn't know how to walk at "Heel" (she's been walking him for the past couple of days while he's staying with us)
Me: No, no he doesn't. That's the biggest understatement ever.
(Bosco is 6 years old, walks with a harness that is supposed to discourage pulling, and he still walks like his sole purpose is to dislocate your arm from it's socket. You can not look anything but spazzy walking this dog).

Me: Hudson what do you want to eat for breakfast? Cereal? Yogurt? Toast?
Hudson: I want bap (rice), keem (seaweed), and kimchi.
He's going to be in serious trouble when we leave my parent's place and return to our own home where I guarantee there will never be bap, keem, and kimchi at 7 o'clock in the morning. He knows he can eat those things "on demand" here.

Hudson: Did Bosco come from your tummy like me?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

whirlwind weekend

The long weekend with Daddy flew by way too fast. Hudson hogged him all to himself. For real. Hudson (once again) only wanted his daddy to hold him, only daddy to change his diapers, only daddy to go to sleep with him, only daddy to put him in and out of his carseat, and only daddy to play with him. If and when I got too close...I was firmly told to "go away...I want daddy all meself". That's what happens when you don't see your daddy for over a month and a half! Rob loved every single second.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fashionably late

"It would only happen to you guys". My sister said to me at Hudson's baptism dinner.

Yes, yes it would only happen to us. We seem to be a magnet for crazy chaotic situations.

What are we talking about?

When we found out Rob got a day "off" from his training, we booked him a trip home for the long weekend. We then pulled some strings (thanks to my mother), and managed to book Hudson's baptism (even though the church was booked solid until November). The priest agreed to squeeze Hudson in. We got everything organized quickly, and luckily all our family could make it on short notice. The baptism started at 3pm on Sunday. The plan was to leave my inlaws house an hour and a half early to make sure we got to the church EARLY. The construction on the highway from my inlaws house to the church can turn the typical half hour drive, into over an hour. We left at 1:30pm in the POURING rain, didn't hit any traffic, and got to a shopping centre (around 10 minutes away from the church) at just after 2pm. That left us with around an hour to kill before the baptism. Hudson had fallen asleep in the car, so I asked Rob to drive me to Winners so I could buy Hudson a new pair of dress pants. Long story short...the capris I wanted Hudson to wear with his shirt and tie looked so cute when he tried them on earlier in the week...but when I put him in the outfit that morning with his SHOES didn't look cute and trendy anymore, it looked wrong. My husband said in horror "He just looks like he's wearing floods, like they're hand-me-down pants that are too short for him!!!". Um...that's not at all the look I was going for. I ran into Winners and was out with a pair of proper dress pants within 5 minutes. Now it's around 2:15pm, and we decide to stop by Starbucks to pick up some coffee and let my father in law use the bathroom before the Baptism. That's when things went horribly wrong. The car died. And wouldn't start again. The car has NEVER EVER done this before. Rob tried again, and again, and again to restart it. It wasn't happening. It's still pouring rain, and he's got the hood of the car open looking for someone to give us a boost. People in their nice dry cars are not so keen on stopping to help a total stranger in the pouring rain. I started freaking out because once again, this time through no fault of our own, we are going to be late for an important occasion. An occasion that we weren't even supposed to really be included in. In the middle of the chaos of what to do next...Hudson wakes up and I tell him our car is "broken" and he starts bawling his eyes out. I've scared him. He can sense how much I'm freaking out and so he's freaking out. I call my mom (who lives the closest to where we're stranded) to see if she has any jumper cables to give us a boost. She doesn't. And she doesn't sound at all impressed that we're in this predicament. I call my sister, who sends her husband to come get us. He gets there and helps push our car into a proper parking spot with Rob, we transfer Hudson's car seat into his minivan, and all pile in to rush to the church. We got there 5 minutes late. Hudson stopped crying by that time. And in the end, even after all the chaos, it was fine. It was better than fine. Hudson was baptized in front of his loving family. And now we have another crazy story to add to our repertoire.