Tuesday, March 18, 2008

never ass-u-me...

never assume, because you make an "ass out of u and me"...
hardy har har.
but seriously...
when i decided to take a last minute trip to come and see my sister, I worried like crazy about taking Hudson on a plane all by myself. Would he cry? Would he freak out? What would I do with him, if I had to pee? Would the other passengers hate us? etc. etc. I NEVER worried about how he would be once we got to my sisters.


the flight (layover and all) were perfect.
Hudson cried softly for maybe 2 minutes near the end of our flight. He slept for a little bit, and the rest of the time he watched his Barney and Sesame Street DVD's and snuggled me. He even got a compliment from a lady across the aisle about how "good" he was.


his behavior here at my sisters house???

awful awful.

he's the crankiest he's ever been. he's the clingiest he's ever been. I've hit him in the head with the fridge door twice because of him being my "shadow". He's cried his eyes out because, heaven forbid, someone else was looking at his (really the girl's) fish tank. That fish tank is for Hudson's eyes only, okay? And that toy he was playing with 8 hours ago...that is also for Hudson only, okay? He's like a whole other kid. A miserable one.

What's up with that? Audrey mentioned that maybe he's missing his papa, and doesn't know how to express his feelings about it. If that IS the reason, it breaks my heart. One week down...23 more to go.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A day at the Park

We have run away from the 10 feet tall snow banks in Montreal...
we have run away from the reality of Rob being gone to train for his new career...
we have run away to the sunshine of spring...
and being surrounded by family...
and it's nice.

well...as nice as it can be, not having our hubby and papa.

(Rob...these pictures are for YOU! miss you Stinker)

Saturday, March 08, 2008


What's this lady doing?

ummm...i don't think i like this
yup...definitely don't like this
stop! stop!! stop!!! I HATE this!

Even the fun "car" chair and cartoons didn't ease the trauma of Hudson's first hair cut in a Salon. He cried harder than we've ever heard him cry. To quote Rob: "Hudson went BESERK".

And the worst part of it...I don't really like the hair cut! There's nothing wrong it...I just like him better with his hippy waves and long bangs.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Just to even things up...

this is for Joyce's poo dream...

She's going to kill me...


One of the boys

Ending the night playing some Nintendo DS...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rob, his sister Faye, her husband Brent, and I were lounging on the beach. The bottom half of our bodies were sitting in the water, our top half in the sun. We were all smoking. Faye was trying to talk us out of adopting a three-legged dog. She heard that three-legged dogs fall down a lot. We're still not convinced. Rob says he has gone poo in his shorts.

I hear Hudson crying.

Ooohhhhh....I'm dreaming!

The craziest part of this crazy dream? It seemed sooooo real!

It's 4am. I tell my sleepy husband about my dream.

I think he wants me to go back to sleep.

I drift off, thinking that I will blog about it in the morning.