Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Dream Come True...

We just got back from a family vacation. And by "family"...I mean the whole. entire. family! My parents, my sisters, husbands, kids...everyone just spent a week together at an amazing Mexican resort. It was absolutely perfect. The weather was amazing, the beach was breathtaking, the food was delicious (real guacamole and salsa every day...actually every meal!), and obviously I loved hanging out with my entire family. I haven't been on vacation with my sisters since I was in grade 10 (so like, 20 years ago? remember that Nat?).

I've officially got the travel bug now. Instead of feeling restful from my vacation...I'm feeling like I want to go somewhere AGAIN and NOW.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dream come true...

If you've read my blog before...chances are you know that Hudson LOVES Bert and Ernie. They are in his hands 95% of the day (and night). Seriously.

So you can imagine how amazed he was that all his buddies were REAL, right in front of his very (big) eyes! "Sesame Street Live" came to Ottawa this weekend, and we had a blast. The show was super entertaining...but mostly Rob and I were so happy for how happy Hudson was. He was mesmerized the entire show. All through the intermission, he kept waiting for them to come back on stage. When the show ended...he was so genuinely sad. He kept looking at us, saying "More Bers and Nee (Bert and Ernie)". He honestly didn't want it to end.

We bought the tickets the same day as the show from someone online. Earlier in the week that same person had listed 5 tickets for the show at $100 per ticket. I thought it was a misprint, because who would spend $500 on a children's show, so I actually emailed them, asking if they were serious. They were. But sure enough, come the day of the show, when no one bought the $500 tickets, I emailed him, offering him $75 for three tickets. He agreed with a one word reply to my email: "Fine".

We knew they were good seats, but didn't know HOW GOOD until we got to the arena.

We had an executive suite! It was an amazing surprise. Seriously, not to sound like a germ-a-phobe, but not having to share the arena's nasty public bathroom with thousands of strangers was heaven-sent.