Monday, February 07, 2011

100 Things about Devin

1. You love to dance

2. You love to eat

3. So far the only thing you haven't been a fan of is fish

4. You smile and laugh easy

5. But your crying is ferocious

6. It is so obnoxious, yesterday while you and I were shopping at Winner's you started howling in your stroller so loudly, a manager actually pulled me out of line and opened a closed cash just so I could pay for my stuff faster (aka get you out of their store)

7. You hate riding in the car

8. You will have to learn to tolerate that better, because your father and I LOVE going for drives

9. You think Hudson is so funny

10. Your favorite toy is whatever he's playing with

11. This causes a lot of yelling (on both your parts)

12. You're not afraid of fighting with your big brother

13. You don't think you're 1 year old

14. You think you're 4, like Hudson

15. Your feet are the opposite of Hudson's

16. Thick and wide, like the Hulk

17. And your toes are straight

18. You have two birth marks

19. You have a double crown

20. This makes for the coolest Rockstar mohawk

21. Your favorite food is blueberries

22. And McDonald's frenchfries

23. You love baths

24. You don't mind getting your face wet or water in your eyes

25. But you hate having your nose wiped

26. You are walking 100% of the time now

27. Your first (and only) word so far is "Hi"

28. You love poking our belly buttons

29. You always have dirty fingernails

30. I hope that isn't a correlation

31. You love playing with remotes and cellphones

32. You once "hid" the TV remote at Nanny and Bob's, and they looked for it for HOURS (literally)

33. It was in the fridge :)

34. You like turning off the TV when we're watching it

35. You smile when we get mad

36. Stinkers apparently run in our family

37. You love kisses, both giving and receiving

38. You love being tickled

39. You're affectionate

40. You show your toys to Bosco

41. You love to brush your yourself...which means you love chewing your toothbrush

42. You love holding tubes (lotions, creams, toothpaste)

43. You've fallen asleep holding these toiletries on numerous occasions

44. Whatever floats your boat, baby

45. You look around before doing something you know you're not supposed to

46. You are obsessed with sticking your finger in the electrical sockets

47. You test everything by putting it in your mouth

48. I have fished out some odd things from there

49. I bet you have swallowed many things I don't even know about

50. You give your tou-tous kisses

51. Even when you're by yourself, and don't know I'm secretly watching

52. You are a lover of Hudson's artwork and crafts

53. And by "lover", I mean "crumpler", "ripper", "destroyer"

54. I really don't think it's intentional, but it happens every time

55. You hate when I cut your nails

56. But I have to often, because you have the habit of digging your nails into our skin when you're tired

57. You pinch us hard over and over when you're falling asleep

58. This is kind of a weird quirk, Kid

59. You abruptly stopped sucking your thumb

60. All by yourself

61. Coincidentally this ended you sleeping through the night

62. Ugh.

63. You effectively communicate all your wants and needs by pointing your finger

64. Bossy little finger pointer

65. I have never had anyone look at me with such love in their eyes, as you

66. I have never seen eyes so joyful when they smile, as yours

67. You are a happy baby

68. I am so grateful for that

69. I am so grateful for you

70. I often whisper in your ear that you were exactly what I needed

71. I actually believe you were exactly what our family needed

72. I believe wholeheartedly that having you, saved me from a dark dark place

73. I regret almost everyday that you never got a chance to meet your Hadabogi

74. You like very boyish things

75. Like toy cars

76. And balls

77. And empty boxes

78. Out of all your birthday presents, you liked your balloons the best

79. You go get your own snacks from the cupboard when you're hungry

80. You almost always pick the cheesy crackers

81. Although you also often pick the Nesquick Chocolate Milk mix

82. Which is weird considering you've never tasted it

83. You pretend to talk on the phone

84. Your crying doesn't get progressively go from not crying to screaming your head off in 1 second

85. That is not cool

86. You like seeing yourself in pictures and videos

87. You smile when we smell your toes

88. You smile bigger when we pretend they're stinky

89. Sometimes we're not pretending

90. You watch TV with your brother

91. The parts you like best is always the singing/music

92. You like holding crayons

93. You wiggle and squirm every time you get your diaper changed


95. You experiment with gravity by trying to get off furniture headfirst

96. You sleep with your mouth open

97. Like your mama

98. You get the most snuggles out of anyone in our family

99. From me, daddy, and even Hudson (who cuddles YOU more than anyone else)

100. You may be suffering from Second Child Syndrome in terms of having less photographs and videos...but definitely NOT in LOVE and KISSES! were exactly what I needed. I can't stress that enough. I am so so lucky to be your mama. I am so so grateful for you. You completed our family. I love you Baby!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Happy First Birthday Devin!


My Rockstar Baby

I love his crazy hairdo

He LOVES bathtime

I could munch him all day long

Cuddling Halmonie

Birthday ballooons

My One Year Old Birthday Boy

In his Korean Birthday suit

With his Auntie Sue-Poo

With Mama

Happy happy birthday, baby

Sweet moment with Romy