Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

This has been one of my lamest Halloween's EVER! I have been so preoccupied with ME, ME, ME (and bebe of course) that Halloween was the furthest thing from my mind this year. Needless to say when I told Rob to bring a pumpkin home TODAY after he was done school at 4:00pm, there was none to be found!!! He called me saying that both Loblaws and Home Depot around my house were sold out. AHHH!!! I refuse to be the party-pooper neighbour that turns off the lights and pretends not to be home. I remember clear as day, being a kid, going around trick-or-treating, thinking nasty thoughts about the houses that didn't participate in Halloween! I mean, how cheap and un-fun can you be??? Soooo...that brings me to the LAMEST, most embarrassing Jack-O-Lantern ever carved... Ha ha ha, we happened to have a squash at home, that Rob had bought the last time we went grocery shopping. I hadn't cooked it yet...so tonight, it stepped up and became a Jack-O-Lantern!!! I carved it at 5:00pm! So the tiny squash was put outside to summon the trick-or-treaters..embarassing yes, but it did the trick as I actually RAN OUT of 100 chocolate bars by 7:15pm!!! So I had to blow out the squash, turn out the lights and pretend we weren't home. It was fun while it lasted though...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Last Day!

So...I'm home...and don't have to go back to work for a whole year!!! My last day of work...and again I was spoiled rotton. It started right from my daily commute on the bus. One of the ladies that takes the same bus as me started talking to me when my baby bump became noticeable. We would chit chat a little bit everytime we saw each other, and she loved hearing about how my pregnancy was progressing (she's older and wants to be a grandmother BADLY...her kids aren't planning on it anytime soon). Anyway, she got on the bus this morning, knowing it was my last day, and had a gift for me! A really sweet card and musical teddy bear. Really unexpected.

Then I got to work, and saw that my desk was decorated in baby shower decorations. They had organized a yummy pot-luck lunch (I had a 3 hour lunch today), complete with the cutest baby-cake I have ever seen (it was covered in gingerbread babies in diapers)...sorry, no one brought a camera, which is too bad. And gifts, gifts, gifts of baby books, baby toys, baby towels, baby frames, and a bath robe for mama! What at fun way to start my maternity leave!

Monday, October 23, 2006

slave driver nesting mama part II...

Rob put up the chair rail, and it pulled the whole look of the nursery together. I LOVE it! It looks exactly how I was hoping it would look. I can't wait to get the furniture in, but I'll have to be patient for at least another little while. Rob will be in exams in a few weeks, and there isn't anywhere else for him to study. I'm in this room all the time now...right now because it's the room where our computer is...but even when I'm not on the computer...I keep coming in here, look around, daydream and imagine, picturing my little bugger sleeping in the crib...

4 more weeks to go...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

slave driver nesting mama...

The nursery decorating has begun! Bebe's grandpa was put to work yesterday, wallpapering the nursey! I am so happy with the result...the wallpaper was exactly what I was expecting from the online picture (no surprises)...and my dad said it was good quality (whew!). My poor dad is probably sore today (and his knees may be bruised)...but it means a lot to me that he helped decorate. Now the room has sentimental value!!!

I decided that we didn't need to paint the top half of the walls the sage-green that I originally wanted, the plaid looks okay with the existing color...for now. I just asked Rob to take me to Home Depot to buy the chair-rail...yes I'm bossing people around...but it's for the baby, so I figure it's allowed. I'll post pictures when that's complete. It's getting there...and that makes me so happy...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rob's Surprise Shower!

Rob went to class today thinking he had a test...but instead was surprised (REALLY REALLY surprised) with a Baby Shower!!! This is what happens when you are only one of two men in a program with 55 women!!! He was spoiled (and so baby and I were spoiled) with tons of gifts! It amazed us both how thoughtful people are...people who have only known us a short while...people who we never in a million years would expect anything from. One of his classmates knit the baby a sweater! Another one handmade a beautiful baby quilt! His teacher gave up the whole class to have the baby shower...no teaching whatsoever, but instead everyone ate and had fun in honor of our little Raspberry!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nesting...a whole other level of psycho

I think I've lost my marbles. I have taken "NESTING", which I know is a very common symptom of the third trimester of pregnancy...to a whole other level. For weeks I have been thinking of all the baby stuff I need to buy/clean/set-up/organize...etc. before the arrival of my little one. I often wake up in the middle of the night and have another item that I feel compelled to add to "my list". All still pretty "normal" as far as the nesting instinct goes. Then today...I went a little "Monica" from Friends. I drew a diagram of the nursery (still presently Rob's office) on a piece of paper...TO SCALE. Measured all the pieces of furniture that will eventually be put in the room (i.e. the crib, change table, chair, book case)...drew them TO SCALE on my post-it notes (so they are sticky), and cut them out...so I could move them around on my nursery diagram and see where the ideal furniture placement of the room would be!!! And to sound even more psycho...it was so FUN for me! ha ha ha...at least I can amuse myself in my craziness...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Finally frumpy...

A guy friend asked me a while back at what point in my pregnancy would I eventually be worn down and trade in my heels for comfortable shoes. Honestly it hasn't gotten to THAT point as far as foot wear goes...BUT...at 34 weeks...I have hit the point that I am wearing maternity sweat pants (and I'm talking about the kind that the stretchy material comes right up to my boobs) ANY and EVERY chance I get! Don't get me wrong, I will still wear something nice if I'm going to be seen by anyone other than my husband (poor Rob)...but I realized this morning, right after I got out of the shower, that I got re-dressed in my pyjamas...they're clean...but still...I chose pyjamas over getting dressed in real clothes!!! At 34 weeks...I am finally frumpy.

It's been a really relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. Didn't eat a traditional turkey dinner, but a really yummy Korean lunch homemade by my mother who drove to Ottawa from Montreal all by herself (!). I didn't want her to come alone, but she's stubborn, and came anyway...and now that she's back in Montreal safe and sound, I can say I'm so happy she came. I got to eat a nice Korean style Thanksgiving lunch with my parents and Rob!

And by the way...I'm taking my chances and ordered the PLAID wallpaper from the online outlet. Rob and I went to a wallpaper store in Ottawa, and it's absolutely INSANE!!! There were literally hundreds of wallpaper books, all containing hundreds of samples...and people are supposed to sit there and browse them all!!! We thought this was the craziest thing we had ever heard, and asked the store-guy how the typical wallpaper shopper actually decides anything! He said people come in and sit down and stay for HOURS looking through the books. Ummmm...that's psycho. There was no real rhyme or reason to the books...yes they are organized in "styles" i.e. contemporary, traditional, country...etc. But it's not like I could say I want to see what "plaids" you have. BUT you CAN do that online! Most of the online wallpaper websites have options that allow you to narrow your choices by color, or even better keyword searches...and show tons of thumbnail pix at a time! I know I don't really know what color the plaid really is (Audrey, it may very well be pink and not cream), or how good or bad the quality is...but I'm taking my chances...I'll keep you posted when it arrives!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nursery Decor 101

Retro Squares
Polka Dots

I want to wallpaper the bottom half of the nursery... (much to Rob's dismay, but my dad has offered to do it for me, so Rob can't say much!)
So far the plan is to paint the top half a light sagey-green color, wallpaper the bottom half, with a white chair rail border between the two. The crib and change table are cherry wood.

Here are the wallpaper contenders...what are your thoughts/votes/opinions???