Thursday, December 23, 2010

The night before, the night before Christmas

One day I will be one of those moms who is organized and on the ball enough to dress my kids up in matching fancy clothes for their Santa pictures. One day. Still kinda cringing that Hudson is wearing sweatpants.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hudson's first Christmas Concert

It was adorable. It was hilarious. It was strangely, all about Devin!

Nothing like interupting the teacher during the introduction to announce: "Miss Maria...Devin's laughing at me!"

@1min,46 seconds: Devin! Devin (stomp foot for emphasis)!

@ 21 seconds: Oh Devin! Oh Sweetie!

@40 seconds: Mommy call Devin!

@50 seconds: Devin!

My Joys

He has asked Santa for: a High Flying Adventures Backyardigans DVD, skates, a wallet (seriously?), sparkles (again...WTH?), new PJ's (I thought kids never asked for clothes?), and most recently walkie-talkies (the funny part is he asked for them before asking me what they are/do).

his face in this picture cracks me up. like he thinks Santa is a weirdo.

Zoolander - Blue Steel look

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

20 months

is how long it's been since i've lived in my own house.

20 months since i've slept in my own bed.
20 months since i've drank out of my own favorite mug.
20 months since i've had all my clothes, shoes, jewellery, things, in one location.
20 months since i've eaten my breakfast in my underwear (i've tried to at my mother's house, and she yells at me to put on more clothes...not because she's a prude, but because she still believes that you can get sick from dressing too cold!)

it's these simple things that i miss the most. the things that make a house a home.

but if home is where the heart is...

then i guess i shouldn't complain...

because, look at these two...

they make this situation bearable.