Friday, January 30, 2009

newest addiction

Here's my new favorite blog (my sister Audrey told me about). It's recently been featured in People Magazine, and even before that article, it was getting 40,000 hits a day. Can you imagine how many he gets now?

He writes about life as a single dad after his wife died unexpectedly the day after giving birth to their first child.

Unbelievable guy.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Like a never ending novel...

Many times when I read a really good book, I get sad when I'm approaching the end of it. I get sad knowing there aren't going to be more pages to turn. I get sad that I won't be able to know even more about the characters and their lives. Seriously, I am often pathetically sad when I read the very last page of a book. It's so final. There is always more I wanted to know.

Which is why I'm addicted to blogs.

They are like never ending novels.

I read many blogs of complete strangers. They make me laugh out loud. They make me bawl my eyes out. I genuinely feel happy for them, sad for them, mad for them, close to them. I used to wonder if all the time I spent reading about the lives of these strangers were a waste of time. Time I could have spent reading real books. I once voiced my concern to Rob, and he said something that made so much sense. Blogs are the stories of REAL people. Books (at least all the ones I read) are fictional. In a way, it's almost a waste to read made-up stories, when you can be reading real-life stories. Believe me, they are just as heartbreaking and/or heart-lifting as the stories made up from the imagination of popular authors. Except there probably won't be any flying broomsticks or talking animals.

My blog has kept me in closer touch with my family and friends from Vancouver to Montreal. You have been able to watch Hudson grow before your very eyes. You may have learned something about me that you never knew before. You may like me more, or even like me less, from reading about me. There are times when I know Rob thinks I've divulged too much. But then again I have never been one for keeping secrets (even my own!)!

These pictures are for my parents, who could care less what I write long as there are pictures of Hudson.

Hudson put on his own boots (on the right feet!), his own mittens, and Rob's hat yesterday. Then wanted to go to the "Pab Too" (aka Pablo Store...aka Video Store).

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bend the rules, will ya?

I just came home from bathing suit shopping. The bikini I wore this summer is (sadly) too tight. Well the bottoms are too tight. The top (sadly) is still fitting right - curse of perpetual small boobs.

Anyway, I went to Winners and grabbed 4 bikini's to try on. Then I went to the children's area and grabbed 2 books. The books were to occupy Hudson in the fitting room, since watching me try on bikinis is not his idea of fun.

I was stopped by the Fitting Room lady (aka nasty "Guard").
"You can only try on 6 articles of clothing at a time" she said.
"Oh, I only have 4".
" have 8" she said, pointing to each bikini's top and bottom seperately.
"Um, okay...these are for sale as the set...they're not sold seperately" I explain.
"I know" she says.
"Okaaaay..." I handed her one bikini back.
"Are those the store's books?" She glares at my hand.
"Ummm...yes" I say back, knowing where this is going.
"You can't bring them into the change room"
"They are coming in the change room with me so my son doesn't freak out of boredom while I try on my 6 articles of clothing" I say, trying to not make it sound like a question, but rather a statement. Okay honestly, I don't say the "6 articles of clothing" part.
"You're not supposed to" she repeats.
I just stand there staring at her, speachless.
She reluctantly agrees to allow them into the fitting room area.

I try on my 3 bikinis, while reading the books out loud to Hudson (mom's are always multitasking, eh?). Then curse as I have to redress, run back to the lady, hand her one of the bikini's I've just tried on, so that she'll give me the one that she's been "holding", run back to the change room, undress, and try on the final bikini.

In the end, I left with one bikini that fit okay.

Hardly seemed worth it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

5 weekend random's

1. We got our passport pictures taken this weekend, and not surprisingly, I HATE my picture. Last time (for our old, expired passports) I didn't like my picture I actually PAID someone for a second time to take them again. Yes I'm that vain. I would have done that again this time, if Rob wasn't with me, threatening me to NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!

2. Why you may leave our house with a tickly bum. Huh? Hudson has discovered the fun of UNROLLING toilet paper. FULL rolls. Full DOUBLE rolls. The first time it was mostly shredded into little, tiny pieces all over the living room (while I was talking on the phone with my sister in law). I gathered it all up and threw it in the garbage, laughing. That's a dollar fifty seven in the trash!!! The next couple of times, he completely unrolled them...but this time without a single tear. So...I rolled them back up (we're in a recession, people!). Only later, while using the re-rolled toilet paper, did I realize that it had "attracted" a lot of Bosco's fur (he's a shedding monster ). Dog hair on your privates = ew.

3. I HAVE to try and bake some biscotti this week. Wanna know why? Because we bought a box the other day, and it cost $4.99 for a box. I thought they were kinda expensive, but bought them anyway. And when I opened the box at home I almost died. There were only 5 in the box. FIVE! In a deceivingly big box.

4. I want/need a new hair cut. You know how I said that I couldn't believe how many inappropriate "Bert and Ernie" pictures/videos there are on the internet when you google them...well try googling "asian hair bangs". OMG. What's funnier...I saved one of those "inappropriate" pictures because I liked the girl's hair. I'll just have to edit and crop the picture to make it decent enough to bring to a hair dresser. Or find a perverted hair dresser with a sense of humour.

5. Have I really become that parent who "pretends" that the mall carousel is actually moving, by manually shaking it like a spaz, instead of just paying the loonie?!? Geesh. Too bad Hudson has caught on that you need to insert a coin into the slot to make it move properly.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

not that I have anything better to do...

but did you know...

that homemade Biscotti takes (on average) 50 minutes to bake...
then you take them out of the oven and let them cool (10-20 min)...
then you cut them up and REBAKE them for 10 minutes...
then you flip them over and REBAKE them again for 10 minutes???

ummm...I was totally craving dipping some biscotti in my coffee (my newest addiction - biscotti, not coffee) and realized that I ate the last one yesterday. and since i don't have a car to zip me over to the store to buy some more...i googled some biscotti recipes and discovered that biscotti takes a friggen LONG-ASS time to make.

so i stole one of Hudson's Oreo's to dunk instead.

and not surprisingly, it's almost as good.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

thank god for the internet...

Hudson watching me vaccuum...

Is it a surprise that I have nothing to blog about? I'm trapped at home in the middle of the suburbs with no car...AND the buses are on strike in Ottawa.

It blows.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

새해 복 많이 받으세요

New Year's Eve Dinner with my parents. My mom looks exhausted because she single handedly cooked everything. Homemade Korean ricecake soup, Korean pancakes, fried crab, and shrimp tempura. So yummy. Then she actually felt bad that she didn't make any bulgogi.

My sister and I bowing to our parents. This is a Korean tradition on New Year's. You bow to your elders to show your respect, and wish them prosperity and good fortune for the new year (then they give you "lucky" money...nice crisp bills).

Son-in-laws bowing (only after finding out you get MONEY in return...just kidding...)

Grandkids bowing

Hudson bowing (over and over and over)

Judging from the look on Hudson's face, he already looks like he understands the concept of money.

It was a fun New Year's! We celebrated with Rob's parents one night, our close friends one night, and my family one night. I love the seems like one of the few times a year that everyone really makes the effort to see one another.