Tuesday, January 13, 2009

5 weekend random's

1. We got our passport pictures taken this weekend, and not surprisingly, I HATE my picture. Last time (for our old, expired passports) I didn't like my picture either...so I actually PAID someone for a second time to take them again. Yes I'm that vain. I would have done that again this time, if Rob wasn't with me, threatening me to NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!

2. Why you may leave our house with a tickly bum. Huh? Hudson has discovered the fun of UNROLLING toilet paper. FULL rolls. Full DOUBLE rolls. The first time it was mostly shredded into little, tiny pieces all over the living room (while I was talking on the phone with my sister in law). I gathered it all up and threw it in the garbage, laughing. That's a dollar fifty seven in the trash!!! The next couple of times, he completely unrolled them...but this time without a single tear. So...I rolled them back up (we're in a recession, people!). Only later, while using the re-rolled toilet paper, did I realize that it had "attracted" a lot of Bosco's fur (he's a shedding monster ). Dog hair on your privates = ew.

3. I HAVE to try and bake some biscotti this week. Wanna know why? Because we bought a box the other day, and it cost $4.99 for a box. I thought they were kinda expensive, but bought them anyway. And when I opened the box at home I almost died. There were only 5 in the box. FIVE! In a deceivingly big box.

4. I want/need a new hair cut. You know how I said that I couldn't believe how many inappropriate "Bert and Ernie" pictures/videos there are on the internet when you google them...well try googling "asian hair bangs". OMG. What's funnier...I saved one of those "inappropriate" pictures because I liked the girl's hair. I'll just have to edit and crop the picture to make it decent enough to bring to a hair dresser. Or find a perverted hair dresser with a sense of humour.

5. Have I really become that parent who "pretends" that the mall carousel is actually moving, by manually shaking it like a spaz, instead of just paying the loonie?!? Geesh. Too bad Hudson has caught on that you need to insert a coin into the slot to make it move properly.


Anonymous said...


I love this blog! Funny stuff Joyce

I suppose I better get back to work!

love ya,


Susan said...

Oh man, you are truly a funny person. You do realize that your thoughts are exposed to the public?!
note: I am definately bringing my own roll of toilet paper if I ever go over to your place!

Chantal said...

HAHAHAHAA! That is too funny! All of it. BTW: Hudson and Keira can get together and do a toilet roll contest. Who can shred and unroll the fastest as yesterday, found her on the toilet with paper shredded all around her. Yes, I took all of it and neatly stacked it to re-use. Fortunately, we don't have a dog. : )

If you make those biscottis, I'm coming over! Better yet, package and sell them yourself! I'll design the label for you. ;P

Audrey said...

Me too...I'm going to bring my own toilet paper when I go to your house. Too funny.
And your blog always makes me laugh. There is no filter..Love it.

Shannon said...

Very funny post Joyce. #5 reminds me of that commercial for the Olympic quarters where the Mama is about to insert one into the horse ride and pockets it instead, shaking the horse and making noises so her daughter gets a ride. I can see you doing that to Hudson.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

You shook the carousel?! HAHAHA. I would have pointed at you and laughed. hahahahaha!