Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bend the rules, will ya?

I just came home from bathing suit shopping. The bikini I wore this summer is (sadly) too tight. Well the bottoms are too tight. The top (sadly) is still fitting right - curse of perpetual small boobs.

Anyway, I went to Winners and grabbed 4 bikini's to try on. Then I went to the children's area and grabbed 2 books. The books were to occupy Hudson in the fitting room, since watching me try on bikinis is not his idea of fun.

I was stopped by the Fitting Room lady (aka nasty "Guard").
"You can only try on 6 articles of clothing at a time" she said.
"Oh, I only have 4".
" have 8" she said, pointing to each bikini's top and bottom seperately.
"Um, okay...these are for sale as the set...they're not sold seperately" I explain.
"I know" she says.
"Okaaaay..." I handed her one bikini back.
"Are those the store's books?" She glares at my hand.
"Ummm...yes" I say back, knowing where this is going.
"You can't bring them into the change room"
"They are coming in the change room with me so my son doesn't freak out of boredom while I try on my 6 articles of clothing" I say, trying to not make it sound like a question, but rather a statement. Okay honestly, I don't say the "6 articles of clothing" part.
"You're not supposed to" she repeats.
I just stand there staring at her, speachless.
She reluctantly agrees to allow them into the fitting room area.

I try on my 3 bikinis, while reading the books out loud to Hudson (mom's are always multitasking, eh?). Then curse as I have to redress, run back to the lady, hand her one of the bikini's I've just tried on, so that she'll give me the one that she's been "holding", run back to the change room, undress, and try on the final bikini.

In the end, I left with one bikini that fit okay.

Hardly seemed worth it.


Angella said...

I HATE bathing suit shopping. To throw a child into the mix would be crazy, and I probably would have lost it on the lady.

Because I'm so patient like that :)

Chantal said...

Next time, leave son and hubby TOGETHER and go shopping ALONE. Good grief, take some time to enjoy yourself! Go with a girlfriend! Take some time to spoil yourself. lol. Your shopping trip sounded like agony. I would have smacked the guard on the head. dimwit.

Audrey said...

Yeah, but where are the Hello Kitty books Auntie Joycie?!

Faye said...

A little "power" is a dangerous thing. The only thing more obnoxious is when they are half your age.

you're safe for awhile Joyce!;)