Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yay...Mountains again!

It's all booked. Our flights. Our car rental. Our hotel. Our itinerary. It wasn't too fun planning...the prices of EVERYTHING kept fluctuating from minute to minute, and I am not exaggerating...I called more than 12 hotels before finding one that 1. wasn't over $300.00 a night 2. completely sold out...booked solid (how can there be THAT many people staying in hotels in downtown Vancouver, even if it's a long weekend???). Everything is coming out to be more than we intially wanted to spend...BUT...i figure this is probably going to be our LAST holiday as a I think we can splurge a little bit. Our hotel is in the West End of Vancouver, blocks from the beach, funky gay district, and many cafes and fun! I can't wait to see everyone! Our week is jam-packed...two days in Vancouver to see friends, one day in Whistler/Pemberton enjoying beautiful BC just the two of us , two days in Mission to see Rob's family, and a few days in Penticton to see my sister/family!!! We've honestly missed BC (and the people we love there) tons since we've moved!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Who's Your Mama?

The picture isn't clear enough, but this is a T-shirt that Romy picked out when she went shopping for maternity clothes for says "Who's Your Mama?"

This dress is another purchase from my generous sister...yes I know, I'm spoiled...comes with being the baby of the family!!!

Came upstairs from watching TV to find my little stinker puppy passed out on our bed...

We went to our prenatal class tonight...wrapped up the "birth and labour" part. It was WAY better than last week. Last week we watched a video on a real birth...very close-up shots of a baby being born. Rob and I left saying (I swear to God) that we were NEVER to MENTION what we saw EVER AGAIN!!! I'm sorry...but it wasn't the beautiful, miraculous event everyone talks about. It was nasty. It was scary. There is lots of crazy-insane stretching, blood and goop...and when the placenta comes out...I honestly had to look away. I know it's different when you're the one going through just can't wait to meet your own baby...but Rob and I both don't want to see anything happening "down there". I am adament that I don't want any mirrors to watch my own "show". Kaili you're crazy for loving to watch labour videos. If it wasn't more risky, I think I would prefer to have a C-section. Go in...get knocked out...leave with a baby and non-stretched junk. However tonight I learned how to breathe to maximize relaxation and minimize pain, Rob learned how to massage me to help with aches and pains, and I learned how to "visualize" being on a beach instead of in the hospital giving birth. I had to bite my cheeks at a few parts to keep from just seemed too flakey. But I promised myself (and Rob) that I will try to do this maybe the flakey-voodoo -hippie-namaste thing of imagining being in Cuba, while breathing in deeply through my nose, and out through my mouth, while Rob massages me, will be all I need. Any bets?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Crazy Sister!

I'm really lucky to have the sisters that I do. We are all so different, but we have always gotten along amazingly. I would never have imagined that we would wind up in three separate cities, and have to rely on the telephone and emails to keep in touch...and although I sometimes really miss not being able to just hang out and share a coffee in person, or go shopping all together...despite the distances, we have still maintained our super close sisterly relationships. Yes I can blog about how nice Audrey is, how generous, kind and giving...blah blah's all true...but everybody already knows that stuff anyway. SOOOOO...did you know my super conservative sister also has the biggest potty-mouth when she's mad...really mad?!? She has also given the finger more than both me and Susan put together. Ha ha ha...she has a mean streak that most of you will never get to see. She also dances crazy when she's in a particularly good mood. Crazy-dancing. She hates bugs more than anybody I know...where just mentioning the Thanksgiving dinner we made together once, where we accidently boiled a catepillar/worm in the water with our broccoli and cauliflower to the point where it was fat and bloated STILL makes her freak out! Ha ha ha, I am revealing all her secrets...but these are the things that make me laugh, and I LOVE my sister like crazy! I wish you lived closer so I could share some birthday cake with you! I hope you get lots of sloppy kisses from your girls! Happy Birthday sister...I'll see you in a few weeks!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Sunny Summer Sunday...

We packed a small cooler of cherries and watermelon and headed out for a drive to Carleton Place for the afternoon. This small town is close to Rob's old cottage where he spent many a summer with his family.

Bosco HATES the water...HATES it. It's even more funny since he looks so much like a lab, which water should draw him like a magnet. Akiko's chocolate lab, Koa even has her own plastic-kiddie-pool in her backyard, and will just lie down in it! Bosco will hold in his pee for HOURS (the record has been 17 hours) when it's raining, and will jump or walk around puddles...heaven forbid his paws get wet. But with some cookies and encourgement he made it in the lake...up to his shoulders!

We went for a walk in the trails...short walk...because I started getting eaten alive by bugs...

A nice relaxing sunny summer sunday with my boys...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Canada Day Weekend!

I had these pictures in order...but Blogger sometimes has a mind of it's own on which ones should appear first...

Me at 20 weeks...I got LOTS of belly rubs this weekend...which both Raspberry and Me love. Cute story...Edouard hugged my belly and then asked me "It's not ready yet?". So Sweet! I told him baby still had to grow more before it's ready...and he said "But your belly is already big!"

Rob BBQ'ing yummy steak and veggies in our back yard. It was delicious! His wearing safety goggles because the lava rocks were exploding...

Me, Mom, and Sue taking a picture to make Audrey jealous enough to want to move closer to Montreal!!

Edouard is giving the peace sign to me and the Raspberry.

My little Bugger at 18 1/2 weeks appearing to suck his/her thumb.

As always, our Montreal visits are short and sweet. Nat and Caro, sorry I missed you this time...I have to get better at "planning" things. I can't wait to hold baby Olivia.