Monday, July 03, 2006

Canada Day Weekend!

I had these pictures in order...but Blogger sometimes has a mind of it's own on which ones should appear first...

Me at 20 weeks...I got LOTS of belly rubs this weekend...which both Raspberry and Me love. Cute story...Edouard hugged my belly and then asked me "It's not ready yet?". So Sweet! I told him baby still had to grow more before it's ready...and he said "But your belly is already big!"

Rob BBQ'ing yummy steak and veggies in our back yard. It was delicious! His wearing safety goggles because the lava rocks were exploding...

Me, Mom, and Sue taking a picture to make Audrey jealous enough to want to move closer to Montreal!!

Edouard is giving the peace sign to me and the Raspberry.

My little Bugger at 18 1/2 weeks appearing to suck his/her thumb.

As always, our Montreal visits are short and sweet. Nat and Caro, sorry I missed you this time...I have to get better at "planning" things. I can't wait to hold baby Olivia.


Kaili said...

So fun!! Where did you get your camera? It takes the BEST pictures, I don't know why anyone would want any other camera!!! Hahahaha!
You look awesome, but maybe you should get some more comfortable clothes! :)
Seeing those pictures makes me miss Halmonie! And Audrey will be so jealous of you all getting together.
I love the peace signs!!

Audrey said...

Hi Joyce. You look great and it looks like you guys had a great time. That's really nice...trying to make me jealous....especially in the fragile state that I'm in!!!! Nice sister. sheesh. :) And your raspberry looks soooo adorable in the ultrasound pic. Talk to you later.

Shannon said...

You all look so happy and you look radiant Joyce!

Romy said...

Hi Joyce!!
It was really fun but next time you should stay longer...And bring Bosco!!!!

I'm happy that you put the picture of your baby on the ultrasound!!!

See you next time!!

Dad said...

Always have peaceful mind,
and care of you and baby.

So nice picturs.
I love you.

Cindy said...

Those pictures are so adorable. Hope you had a really fun relaxing Canada Day (sounds like it was), and thanks for the idea, I will have to try it!

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