Monday, January 16, 2012

Don't hate me because I look less tired...

Got a long overdue haircut. The hairdresser told me I looked "less tired" afterward. Ummm...backhanded compliment? Anyway, I don't love it...but honestly I very rarely love a haircut. The hairdresser asked me if I would donate my hair to make wigs for cancer (she calculated that she cut off about 11 inches!). So not only do I look less tired, but I feel good for helping a good cause.

Friday, January 13, 2012

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We played today. A morning of being silly. An afternoon of getting snowy. A supper of Spiro's Supersub (a Montreal delicacy).

Please excuse the children and I are busy making memories.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good thing they're cute...

Cuz...none of them listen.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Home at last!

The Holidays were extra merry this we celebrated them in our OWN HOUSE!!! We moved in at the beginning of November, and although there are still tons of things that need to be's cute, it's cozy, it's's totally home, sweet, home.

Check out our "before" and "afters".

kitchen before

kitchen after

view from living room to kitchen/dining area before

dining area off kitchen - after

living room before

living room after

pantry before

pantry turned office "nook" after

upstairs closet - before

upstairs boys powder room - after

main bathroom (the only one of the house) - before

bedroom on main floor before

main bathroom after - we eliminated the original main floor bedroom and turned it into a spacious bathroom, and the old original bathroom (which was teeny tiny anyway) was knocked down to make more kitchen space.

after - main bathroom

front door before

front door after

backdoor/mini mudroom after (unfortunately no "before" pictures of this space).

If you could have only seen (or smelled for that matter) what this place was like before, you wouldn't believe how much work my husband (almost singlehandedly) did.

P.S. check back for pictures of the two bedrooms...i was just too lazy to clean them just to take pictures!