Saturday, June 30, 2007

opposites attract??

my conversation with Rob went something like this yesterday after he found out that I bought some Baby Einstein DVD's online...

Rob: I saw that you bought some Baby Einstein DVD's. Doesn't $90.00 seem kinda much? (Handing me the printout of the email money transfer from the printer)

Me:'s a BRAND NEW set of 23 DVD's...including the "Baby Signs" one I wanted to buy anyway. Normally each DVD is $20.00! And it's free shipping.

Rob: Where did you buy them from?

Me: Some guy on "" (a used-stuff website). I'm supposed to get them on Tuesday.

Rob: So you just GAVE a perfect STRANGER $90.00 before receiving anything??? (a look of total disbelief)

Me: uh-huh. (sheepishly) ummmmm he had his phone number and address on the ad...

Rob: Ohhhh...well then it must be real (sarcastically)

Me: (silent...because I really didn't even consider for a second that I could be getting scammed)

Rob: (silent...because he couldn't believe that I WOULDN'T for a second believe that I might be getting

So we'll have to wait and see if this turns out to be a $90.00 lesson on my part...

I still think I'm going to be receiving them...

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Frenchie baby with green beret...'s his bib that we soaked in cold water to cool him down after a very long, very hot, non-airconditioned, car-ride...hence the rosy rosy cheeks...

Allo je m'appele Gaston (aka Uddson)

Salut mes amis!

hmmmm...i'm pondering life's important questions...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

a la Brittney...???

I feel like shaving my hair off. It's currently long, falling out like crazy (postpartum hair loss), and lately ALWAYS pulled back in the most unstylish ponytail. It looks nice when I blowdry and curl it and leave it down...but seriously...why bother when it's just going to be manhandled by Hudson, probably winding up in his mouth? I also have been thinking of getting my nose pierced and/or another tattoo (an intricate letter "H").

I think I'm having a Brittney moment.

Seriously though...

this is how I think I want to cut my hair...

Whacha think?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

no longer a tiny baby...

Hudson keeps growing!!! What a concept. No, seriously...he's friggin heavy. I'm not a big girl (currently at 90 pounds, which is less than I've been in YEARS, and unfortunatly is stress related). And he's turning out to be a big boy. Almost 19 pounds at 7 months old. You do the math. I'm not complaining, well not really anyway...I love every roll on his body. I'll just have to get stronger. Ha ha ha...I have to workout because I want to hold my baby.

Here's some recent pictures...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summer days

Rudy and Lindsay's wedding in Kingston

My cool dude

Oliver kissing Hudson, Hudson pulling Oliver's fur out

Snuggles from Auntie Faye

Here are some random pictures of the last week...

It's been sunny sunny hot hot...gorgeous "by-the-pool" weather...but since we don't have a's just kinda gross-hot...

(and yes...I'm the same person who will be complaining that winter is too cold)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Smartly hubby...

Two years ago Rob started the Dental Hygiene program at Algonquin College in Ottawa. He was one of 58 selected out of 1100 applicants! This week he graduated...with HONOURS! We were so proud watching him receive his diploma. I had to cheer out loud (a wahoo!) even though we were asked NOT to applaud until all the students in the discipline had walked across the podium. He had a tough two years...going to school full-time, working part-time, volunteering, being a husband, and most importantly...becoming a papa! He made it look easy, even though that kind of "load" would have killed the average person. It's a tribute to how strong he smartly husband!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hudson's ABC's

The world according to Hudson...

A is for...AGE...6 1/2 months, although the tags in all my clothes say 9-12 months because I'm a chunky monkey

B is for...BOOB...the best thing for when you're hungry, thirsty, cranky, hurt, sleepy...etc.

C is for...CRIB...don't know why my parents wasted their money on one, when I have a perfectly good, queen size bed in the master bedroom

D is's fun to dig my little fingernails into skin and watch for a reaction

E is for...ENERGY...I have a lot more than my mama

F is new favorite game is to drop anything and everything and watch mama pick it up...over and over again

G is for...GEAR...I come with pen, exersaucer, swing, highchair, bouncy chair, bumbo...all wildly colored...all over the house...mama can't remember what the house used to look like(!)

H is for...HAIRPULLING...I'm pretty strong, and can bring my mama to her knees by doing this trick

I is for...IN TUNE...which my mama is NOT...but she still sings to me everyday...and I like it anyway

J is middle name that was one of the leading contenders of being my first name for the longest time...I'm happy my parents picked the more unique name HUDSON

K is for...KISSES...I prefer giving open-mouth kisses...the slobberier the better

L is for...LAUGHING...I am easily amused by my papa and my mama tries...but...she's not as funny

M is emotion even sweet little me has learned...isn't it appropriate to get a little unhappy when I don't get my way?

N is for...NOSE...for some reason I HAVE to suck on my papa's nose every chance I can sneak

O is hometown

P is for...POOPS...everyone warned mama that they would be smelly after eating solids...don't know why she was so surprised

Q is I am growing and changing everyday

R is for...RAISING one eyebrow...I have already mastered this look (my mother's specialty)

S is for...STINKER and SMASH-TAYLOR...the two nicknames my parents call me

T is for...TIRED...I don't know what it means...but my mama uses that word...A LOT!

U is for...UP AND AT ' motto is "the early bird gets the worm" I try to wake up between 5am and 6am every parents try to force me to sleep longer...but I usually win this battle

V is for...VISITS to the hospital to see my grandpa...I can keep him entertained in his boring room

W is absolute favorite drink...even better than boob...I get so excited to drink water that I actually shake when I know it's coming

X if for...X-CERSAUCER...the jail my mama puts me in when she wants to play on the right now

Y is far I'm not a picky eater...I have liked everything I have tried...even mushy

Z is for...ZZZZZ...I still like to wake up a couple of times a night...and call for my mama...I don't know why she doesn't look as happy to see me, and I as to see her?!