Saturday, January 03, 2009

새해 복 많이 받으세요

New Year's Eve Dinner with my parents. My mom looks exhausted because she single handedly cooked everything. Homemade Korean ricecake soup, Korean pancakes, fried crab, and shrimp tempura. So yummy. Then she actually felt bad that she didn't make any bulgogi.

My sister and I bowing to our parents. This is a Korean tradition on New Year's. You bow to your elders to show your respect, and wish them prosperity and good fortune for the new year (then they give you "lucky" money...nice crisp bills).

Son-in-laws bowing (only after finding out you get MONEY in return...just kidding...)

Grandkids bowing

Hudson bowing (over and over and over)

Judging from the look on Hudson's face, he already looks like he understands the concept of money.

It was a fun New Year's! We celebrated with Rob's parents one night, our close friends one night, and my family one night. I love the seems like one of the few times a year that everyone really makes the effort to see one another.


Audrey said...

Hey, where are our lucky bills?!!!!! How did you get the KOREAN writing for the title? And yes, mom looks so tired.

I love all the pictures. Hudson had everyone laughing really hard, eh?

Susan said...

Yes Joyce, that was a lot of fun and I`m glad that our kids got to bow to Mom & Dad (even if they were inspired by the $$).
It was also so great to see more of you & Hudson this holiday season.
Audrey, that means you`re going to have to make it over to our side of the world next xmas!!
Happy New Year Everyone!!

Shannon said...

Happy New Year!! Looks like you had a yummy and prosperous New Year's! I love the photos of Hudson clutching the money. His piggy bank must be full!

Kaili said...

Looks like you guys had a BLAST! Love how Hudson kept bowing for money money money!! haha!

The feast looks SO yummy!

Anonymous said...

yes,we have fun evening,
Audrey, I will save lucky bills for young kids.
Hudson was really fun and enjoy very much.
so cute and miss them already.

I wish everybody happy new year.

Grandfa with love

Chantal said...

Ooh, cool korean new year post title! love it. All that food, was there any leftovers? lol. Can't believe you guys do the bowing thing. Wow, Chris and I should bow our heads in shame. Just another thing my parents didn't teach us but expected us to know. lol.

Looked like a great fun family evening!

Roz said...


So nice to hear from you, and what a small world indeed!

I hope you're doing well and that Second Cup is still treating you well :)


Faye said...

What a cutie!!! Hudson is priceless!!!! I'm laughing over and over again!!!