Monday, October 09, 2006

Finally frumpy...

A guy friend asked me a while back at what point in my pregnancy would I eventually be worn down and trade in my heels for comfortable shoes. Honestly it hasn't gotten to THAT point as far as foot wear 34 weeks...I have hit the point that I am wearing maternity sweat pants (and I'm talking about the kind that the stretchy material comes right up to my boobs) ANY and EVERY chance I get! Don't get me wrong, I will still wear something nice if I'm going to be seen by anyone other than my husband (poor Rob)...but I realized this morning, right after I got out of the shower, that I got re-dressed in my pyjamas...they're clean...but still...I chose pyjamas over getting dressed in real clothes!!! At 34 weeks...I am finally frumpy.

It's been a really relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. Didn't eat a traditional turkey dinner, but a really yummy Korean lunch homemade by my mother who drove to Ottawa from Montreal all by herself (!). I didn't want her to come alone, but she's stubborn, and came anyway...and now that she's back in Montreal safe and sound, I can say I'm so happy she came. I got to eat a nice Korean style Thanksgiving lunch with my parents and Rob!

And by the way...I'm taking my chances and ordered the PLAID wallpaper from the online outlet. Rob and I went to a wallpaper store in Ottawa, and it's absolutely INSANE!!! There were literally hundreds of wallpaper books, all containing hundreds of samples...and people are supposed to sit there and browse them all!!! We thought this was the craziest thing we had ever heard, and asked the store-guy how the typical wallpaper shopper actually decides anything! He said people come in and sit down and stay for HOURS looking through the books. Ummmm...that's psycho. There was no real rhyme or reason to the books...yes they are organized in "styles" i.e. contemporary, traditional, country...etc. But it's not like I could say I want to see what "plaids" you have. BUT you CAN do that online! Most of the online wallpaper websites have options that allow you to narrow your choices by color, or even better keyword searches...and show tons of thumbnail pix at a time! I know I don't really know what color the plaid really is (Audrey, it may very well be pink and not cream), or how good or bad the quality is...but I'm taking my chances...I'll keep you posted when it arrives!!!


audrey said...

Hi Joyce. I'm not even pregnant and I take a shower and get dressed in pajama type clothing again. It's the best at home.

When do you think the wallpaper will arrive? I just spoke to Dad and he can't wait to do up the baby's room. So fun!

I'm very relieved that mom made it there and back in one piece. I'm sure she is happy too so she can visit baby all the time.

Anonymous said...

hey Joyce you are doing really good I must say you r belly looks sooooo cute even your face and feet.

take care of yourself and baby

Shannon said...

Korean lunch for Thanksgiving?? Sounds like heaven. Hope you had fun and I'm glad Halmonie came to enjoy it with you. She's such a sweetie!

Cindy said...

Heehee, I'm already to the point that I will when home alone or just with hubby wear my sweat clothes. But then again I wore comfy clothes alot even before I was pregnant. Now I just have an excuse.

Glad you chose the wallpaper option you most wanted, even if it is online. Let us know how it turns out!