Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nursery Decor 101

Retro Squares
Polka Dots

I want to wallpaper the bottom half of the nursery... (much to Rob's dismay, but my dad has offered to do it for me, so Rob can't say much!)
So far the plan is to paint the top half a light sagey-green color, wallpaper the bottom half, with a white chair rail border between the two. The crib and change table are cherry wood.

Here are the wallpaper contenders...what are your thoughts/votes/opinions???


audrey said...

I like the plaid. But in what color? Greenish plaid as well? I think that would look fantastic. So no Winnie the Pooh for you, eh?

joyce said...

that's the exact sample...i downloaded it from an online wallpaper store. it's a cream and sage plaid, which is perfect. it's my favorite too, but i'm a bit nervous ordering wallpaper online! the other two are available at Home Depot and Canadian Tire.

audrey said...

Joyce, the plaid looks PINK!!!! Or is it just on my computer?

Anonymous said...


I like the plaid. Very calm and relaxing!


Shannon said...

The plaid picks up the colours of everything else. I'd go with that. Although the retro squares are funky! Post a photo when you're done! I'd love to see the finished result.

Kaili said...

I like the plaid, but whatever you guys choose will be just swell.

Anonymous said...

Joyce my first reaction was plaid. It is nice! It can be your little "Burberry Baby" room.


Anonymous said...

Joyce! I like the retro squares. Now, if you could get 3D squares that'd be super fun and funky! Plaid, if it's like Burberry plaid...kind of what Glen said. If you do go with the plaid wouldn't it be fun to receive a bunch of Burberry clothes as gifts to match the Burberry room? ;)

Cindy said...

I like the plaid the best too. You will have to post pictures of it finished.

Dad said...

It dosen't look like baby's room.
plaid, but from online ? think about. I can't trust their quality.