Sunday, February 06, 2011

Happy First Birthday Devin!


My Rockstar Baby

I love his crazy hairdo

He LOVES bathtime

I could munch him all day long

Cuddling Halmonie

Birthday ballooons

My One Year Old Birthday Boy

In his Korean Birthday suit

With his Auntie Sue-Poo

With Mama

Happy happy birthday, baby

Sweet moment with Romy


Kaili said...

WHAT!?!?!?! Isn't he only like 6months? When did he grow up? He is SO SO SO cute! My goodness! Happy Birthday Rockstar Devin!
What did he pick for his Korean tradition (I don't know the actual name of it)? Ya know, the money, book, pencil.....??
Sidenote: Romy is WAY taller than you Joyce! What is with all these kids growing? Haha! Hope your day was great!

Audrey said...

Happy 1st Birthday Devin!!! You have the biggest eyes of all the cousins...hands down!!! So adorable and sweet.

All the kids look so much older. I also noticed that Romy is way taller than you AND Halmoni!! The boys all look so grown up.

Thanks for posting the pics. Was thinking about you guys all afternoon.

Audrey said...

Devin looks like Victor in so many of the pictures.

joyce said...

Kaili, he picked the paints! He's going to be an artist!

ChantaleP said...

Wow, who are the parents here? I can't see any cuz you all look so darn young! Happy First Birthday Devin! Look at his face, so cute!! He's starting to look a bit more like big brother, with a rocker tendency. hehe. Looks like a fantastic family gathering!!

ChantaleP said...

Wait a minute, is that a donut cake?? Awesome! What'd he pick btw? You know, the fortune thingy..

Sonia said...

Happy belated birthday Devin! Wow, the kids are all so BIG!!

Joyce, you're looking fabulous!!

Shannon said...

Happy 1st Birthday Devin!!!! Holy cow are you ever a handsome little monkey! I can`t believe how quickly your first year has gone. Stay cute and cuddly and enormously kissable for your Mama buddy! Have fun learning and exploring and chasing your bro this year!