Sunday, January 30, 2011

he's home

this post has been on my mind since i read it.
it continually pops back in my mind.
i don't know why.
i just can't imagine giving someone up for adoption at 18 months old.
moreso, i can't imagine being given up for adoption at 18 months old.

i stumbled aross this blog by fluke. i think i was actually googling "dining room banquette". weird how one thing leads to another.

weird how a complete stranger's story has haunted me since i read it.

i'm happy he's home.


ChantaleP said...

Wow.. that is heart wrenching. Joyce, I dont' understand it either but perhaps his true parents could not afford to give him the life he deserves or needs. Perhaps it was their one selfless act in giving him up in order for him to live a decent life.. Why they waited until 18 months.. It looks like he's with a family willing to build up his trust and love.. and that's something. I'm going to hug K even tighter when she wakes up!

Audrey said...

I can't stop thinking about how giving these wonderful families are (the lady who adopted the Korean boy and her friends who adopted from elsewhere). To welcome these kids into their lives and homes. They are amazing.

The story is heart wrenching. There must have been a good reason for the family to have given him up. And he is lucky to have such a loving family to welcome him.