Saturday, March 08, 2008


What's this lady doing?

ummm...i don't think i like this
yup...definitely don't like this
stop! stop!! stop!!! I HATE this!

Even the fun "car" chair and cartoons didn't ease the trauma of Hudson's first hair cut in a Salon. He cried harder than we've ever heard him cry. To quote Rob: "Hudson went BESERK".

And the worst part of it...I don't really like the hair cut! There's nothing wrong it...I just like him better with his hippy waves and long bangs.


Shannon said...

Poor little guy...he looks traumatized! Although that chair looks fun. I wish I could sit in one of those when i get my haircut!

Kaili said...

Oh man, poor dude! Looks like a fun place though!

Sonia said...

Aww, muffin!

Brandon cried really hard his first time too. But, if you take him regularly, like all things, he'll get use to it.

Hang in there Hudson!

karla said...


Reminds of my little guy's first haircut. Infact, I think they wore similar coverups. :)

Chantal said...

ohmygosh, poor hudson. though, he really looks cute crying like that. lol. did you go to the minimod in the west island? i was going to take kiki there with adam but

hudson, you're a cutie no matter what! and the haircut looks pretty good!

Susan said...

Poor Hudson, I don't know what's worse.. the traumatic experience of getting a haircut or his MOM posting it for the whole world to see!
You better be ready for revenge from your little boy (since he also carries the "Rob" genes)!
Pic's are priceless! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

My son used to freak out too so the first few times he sat on my husband's lap at Great Clips while getting his hair cut. He didn't like the cape for some reason. At 3 he sits by himself, with the cape and can't wait to get the lollipop after he's done.
Cute pics though!