Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rob, his sister Faye, her husband Brent, and I were lounging on the beach. The bottom half of our bodies were sitting in the water, our top half in the sun. We were all smoking. Faye was trying to talk us out of adopting a three-legged dog. She heard that three-legged dogs fall down a lot. We're still not convinced. Rob says he has gone poo in his shorts.

I hear Hudson crying.

Ooohhhhh....I'm dreaming!

The craziest part of this crazy dream? It seemed sooooo real!

It's 4am. I tell my sleepy husband about my dream.

I think he wants me to go back to sleep.

I drift off, thinking that I will blog about it in the morning.


Audrey said...

Joyce that is such a crazy dream. How did you remember all the details in the morning? What does it mean that Rob pooed in his pants? haha

Kaili said...

Haha! I love your random/wacky updates! Make them more often!

Susan said...

Does Rob know that you publicly told the world that he poo'd in his pants (even if it was a dream)?!

joyce said...

it's a dream for God's sake!!!

Sonia said...

You are too funny!

Robyn said...

Now I get the revenge post but I do wonder what Freud would think about that dream!