Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How old do they get before you don't want to smother them with kisses every time you see them sleeping?!?

Cuz I don't think he'll like it when he's 17 years old. Actually he doesn't even like it now.

Snippets of my life in short conversations:

Hudson: Mommy, your armpicks (armpits) are scratchy (stubbly). (after tickling them)
Me: They are?
Hudson: Like Daddy face.
Me: Oh, thanks for telling me...I'll shave them then.
Hudson: Romy's armpicks are not scratchy.

Romy: Bosco doesn't know how to walk at "Heel" (she's been walking him for the past couple of days while he's staying with us)
Me: No, no he doesn't. That's the biggest understatement ever.
(Bosco is 6 years old, walks with a harness that is supposed to discourage pulling, and he still walks like his sole purpose is to dislocate your arm from it's socket. You can not look anything but spazzy walking this dog).

Me: Hudson what do you want to eat for breakfast? Cereal? Yogurt? Toast?
Hudson: I want bap (rice), keem (seaweed), and kimchi.
He's going to be in serious trouble when we leave my parent's place and return to our own home where I guarantee there will never be bap, keem, and kimchi at 7 o'clock in the morning. He knows he can eat those things "on demand" here.

Hudson: Did Bosco come from your tummy like me?


Audrey said...

Those conversations are the BEST. I can't wait until Sophia can talk too to see what she has on her mind. As for Alex and Rachel I can't get them to stop talking!

Anonymous said...

He's Beautiful!
Miss you both.

Anonymous said...


I still kiss Nicho when he is sleeping....don`t tell him that!

Kids say the funniest things. We still call Fariview "Fairvme" because Nicho used to say "No we are not going to Fairview you (pointing to me)we are going to Fairvme (pointing to himself)".

Hope to see you soon.


Chantal said...

Ooh! So darn cute!!! I could squeeze and schmoosh that face if I saw him again. lol.