Thursday, August 06, 2009

whirlwind weekend

The long weekend with Daddy flew by way too fast. Hudson hogged him all to himself. For real. Hudson (once again) only wanted his daddy to hold him, only daddy to change his diapers, only daddy to go to sleep with him, only daddy to put him in and out of his carseat, and only daddy to play with him. If and when I got too close...I was firmly told to "go away...I want daddy all meself". That's what happens when you don't see your daddy for over a month and a half! Rob loved every single second.


Smiley said...

Awesome. I don't know who looks happier, Rob or Hudson. Only 1/2 left to go. It will go a lot quicker than the 1st half. Hang in there guys. See you guys in B.C.! Right?!

Shannon said... sweet! Nice that Hudson gets a lot of Daddy time.

Sonia said...

How sweet! Rob must have been in heaven.

I can't believe how big Hudson looks in the last shot!

Chantal said...

Aww! Love these pics! Man Joyce, take these opportunities and have a day for yourself. 2 days, 3 days as many days! Because once daddy is back for good, all you'll hear is "maaaaaaawwwmmeeeeee!!!". lol. I'm so glad you guys got together.