Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The dog ate my homework.

Hudson made his first craft project (including glue and feathers...soooo messy!) at our community playgroup today. He was so proud of it. He carried it all the way to the car...beaming.

Later, at home, I was in the bathroom, when he came in all frantically...pointing out the door, yelling "Oof! Oof! OOOOFFFF!!!"

I came out as quickly as I could...to discover that Bosco had stolen Hudson's craft off of my purse (it was just resting on top) and was chewing it up on his bed. Hudson was mortified. I salvaged what I could. The dog really did eat his homework.


Kaili said...

I can't believe Bosco got to Hudson's beautiful artwork while you were taking a big poop! Poor Hudson!

Audrey said...

Is Kaili right, were you taking a big dump? Great timing Joyce!

That's so cool that Hudson did a craft and was so proud of it. Way to go Hudson! And Bosco loves chewing up paper products way too much.

Jessica said...

Should i be the one to point out it's ironic that you have a picture of the chewed -up version and not one of the proud and beaming version????? I know, bad best friend, right?

joyce said...

I was PEEING!!! But I do have to add that Hudson loves me enough to STILL come into the bathroom when I AM going number two...and just hang out! Now that's love.

Chantal said...

I love that! And you've got the photos as proof! lol. btw, cool project Hudson. ;P

Shannon said...

I can only imagine poor Hudson's trauma that his best friend at his very first craft project!

That story is priceless Joyce. Jeff and I are howling. I mean, what are the odds that the dog would eat your poor kids masterpiece??