Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ummmm...what can you even call this?!?

After Rob and I finished reading this...all I could say was "That story...is...the opposite of Hudson".

I don't think I have ever delibrately avoided sitting next to someone on the bus (unless they looked like they'd be smelly or crazy), but I would definitely look for an alternate seat if that guy was on the bus.


Susan said...

That was a strange interview... I'm intrigued to meet him myself. I'm sure Edouard would LOVE to sit next to him whereas Victor & Romy would go away as far as possible on his bus...
p.s. Joyce... are you getting ideas for a new tat?!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that the secret "goth girl" in me thinks it`s cool...on someone elses kid, not mine!

Too many vampire novels I guess.


Chantal said...

Imagine if you just wanted to see your own face without that crap tattoo on, I'd go nuts! Especially the blackened nose, I love tattoo art...just not on the body! lol