Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 left feet

I guess the chances were 50/50...

Today...Hudson put on his shoes all by himself.
He called me over proudly, pointed to his feet, then pointed to himself. I got the message loud and clear, even though the only word spoken was "MMMMMOM!"

I praised him enthusiastically. And didn't have the heart to tell him they were on backwards.


Shannon said...

Bravo Hudson!!!

Your son cracks me up Joyce. He has personality plus plus plus! Just like Audrey's girls. They're all SO funny!

I was driving yesterday and giggling to myself about how you said Hudson gave the kids "the hand" at playgroup. That is priceless. Jeff's teaching his nephew sarcasm right now and he's willing to do that for Hudson later on if you like ;)

Chantal said...

oh those cute toes!

Audrey said...

Ha! I love his facial expressions too. Hudson and his buddy Bosco, love it.

Kaili said...

He looks so proud in the second shot. One day he will figure it out on his own that they are on the wrong feet. I use to just cross my legs over to make the the "right" feet! Haha!