Saturday, August 16, 2008

"how high?"

Hudson hasn't quite grasped the concept of jumping, although he practices often! His feet have yet to leave the ground. I LOVE it. It makes me smile every single time. I almost don't want him to jump for real. This way is so much sweeter, no?


Audrey said...

That video made all of us laugh this morning. Thanks. Way to go Hudson....good jumping! And Rachel just added.....good running!

Bosco always looks a little worried. He's cute too.

Shannon said...

That's hilarious! He's so proficient!~

Kaili said...

So funny! Jaia did that for the longest time too, isn't it hilarious?
Love seeing Hudson videos.

I can't wait to see his graduation video from high school when he walks up on stage with a DVD in hand!
So funny!

Sonia said...

hee hee cute jumper!