Tuesday, August 05, 2008

When the letter "A" is not a letter "a"...

Hudson has recently discovered the alphabet. He points out letters, and wants us to name them. He recognizes many of his "favorite" letters. A recent conversation:

Hudson pointing at the letters: c-a-t in a book

Me: C
Him: nodding yes
Me: A
Him: nuh-uh (shaking his head no)
Me: yes...that's the letter "a"
Him: nuh-uh (shaking his head harder no)
Me: Hudson...that's the letter "a". It's the little letter "a" (he has seen the capital letter "A" and the little letter "a" as seen here on the left...but apparently he hasn't seen the letter "a" like this.
Him: getting visibly aggitated "NUH-UH" (violently shaking his head no) "DAD!"
He thinks I'm lying and wants his dad to settle this arguement.
Dad: "Hudson, that's the letter "a".
Hudson has meltdown.
Dad tells him it's not the letter "a".

If you freak out enough...nothing is set in stone.


Chantal said...

lmao! that is hilarious! at least he's super confident about what he knows. i love the fact that rob gave in in the end. hahahaha! have fun in school little dude. i wish i could just sit there and watch these little kids... he's too much fun!

Susan said...

OMG!! Hudson is absolutely hilarious! Did you thank your hubby for giving in or give him a "look" for not supporting you?!

joyce said...

Rob said something along the lines of "Don't worry Hudson, Dad will always have your back."

How can I argue that?

Kaili said...

Oh dear, not looking good for his future! Haha!
"Oh oh oh your right Hudson, that's NOT a stop sign, don't worry you can drive right through it. I won't tell Mom, I got your back"

Audrey said...

Sounds like the World According to Hudson! Thanks a lot Rob!

Susan said...

Kaili, you are hilarious!!
That's a pretty good comparison!
Hey Rob - any comments?!

Chantal said...

whoa, your hubby's getting chewed up here. it's like an episode of Two and a Half Men!

Sonia said...

Hahah, that's too cute.

What is it with men? Always sticking up for each other even when they know they're wrong! LOL

Trust your mama Hudson, she is ALWAYS right!! ;o)

Kristin said...

So very, very true.

Rob said...

sometimes in life the "little things" need to give way to the big picture. A sense of support from your loved ones is much more important than a "don't sweat the small stuff" type of thing that he will realize on his own in a more secure scenario than a meltdown.

Unconditional love and support - it's important, in other words "I got your back!"