Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sister's Fart Pie

Hudson's first time apple picking!!! It was the perfect, crisp Fall day...warm in the sun and cool in the shade. Hudson had been worried when I first mentioned that we were going to go apple picking "I can't reach up the trees!" he exclaimed. But he did!!!

** And "Sister's Fart Pie" is the english translation for the "Tarte aux Pets de Soeurs" that we bought at the orchard. Not surprisingly, it was the butt of many of Victor and Edouard's jokes on the drive back home. Susan corrected us by saying that the more accurate translation is "Nun's Fart Pie". Either way, it made us laugh. And in case anyone was is grotesquely yummy...exactly like eating a brick of maple syrup.
*** Hudson rode a real pony for 1.5 seconds. He got on, decided that it was not a good idea, and couldn't get off fast enough. The pony guy had to give me back my money.
**** Sue-Poo actually waited in line for an HOUR to buy us "apple donuts". An hour. I'm not exaggerating. They were heavenly.


Susan said...

Christian can`t believe that I actually waited that long either... then he asked why I didn`t buy more (I already looked like a greedy pig asking for 24 donuts since YOU weren`t in line with me)
Had a beautiful day with my gang, you, Hudson & Grandpa!

Shannon said...

An hour in line for donuts? #1 your sister rocks, and #2 they must have been worth it!

Looks like such a fun day for everyone! BTW Joyce, you look phenomenal! Glowing in fact.

Chantal said...

What a great day to go apple picking! I agree with Shannon, you look great Joyce!

Ah...what sisters will do for their sisters... Who ate all those donuts?
Hudson is soooo cute. Looks like a fabulous time was had by all. Where'd you go?

Anonymous said...

You all look great! Love you and miss you!

Audrey said...

Those pictures are so gorgeous. Everyone looks so relaxed and happy. Too bad mom couldn't make it today. All the kids look great. You know I always say this BUT I wish I lived closer, man!!! I want to taste that pie, and those apple donuts, and pose with my sisters and my dad, and pick apples, and hang out with all my nieces and nephews, AND AND AND AND!

Miss you guys!

Cindy said...

Looks like so much fun! Too bad all the apple trees around here are all too tall for T we have to hold him above our heads so he can reach. And by we I mean hubby... ;)

You look great Joyce!