Friday, October 09, 2009

My Silver Linings...

Every cloud has a silver lining. Lately my life has been full of "clouds"...but then I look at my son(s!) and I remember that I am truely blessed.

They make me smile. They make me laugh out loud. They are my silver linings.

Face painting gone wild

Is it a surprise why he thinks Romy is so cool?

**And yes I said "sons". Baby Khang Khang is definitely a little BOY!!!**


Chantal said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Two amazing. Miss your posts Joyce. Girl, you'll be surrounded by men who already love you and will spoil you!

We are supremely happy for you!

Audrey said...

Oh my word. I can't believe how wild that face painting got. Romy is the best babysitter EVER! See that after we got off the phone, he got some painting done on his leg. Too funny.

Congratulations again sister on Baby #2. So exciting, another little boy! One sister has all girls and the other has only boys. And then Susan got both so she enjoys the best of both worlds.

Shannon said...

Congratulations!! Very exciting news! Isn't Hudson lucky to have a little brother to pal around with. He will be an excellent role model.

Love the body painting. He's a little ham.

Sonia said...

Oh wow, congrats!! Two boys!! You're going to be BUSY (in a very good way of course)!