Friday, March 20, 2009


Soooo...the blogging blahs are continuing. I really don't know why, but I just don't feel like writing much lately.

But here are some "blog-worthy" updates:

1. We were in Montreal this weekend for Victor's 11th birthday. We had an excellent Korean dinner (all made by my mother), ate some delicious lemon-pistacio cheesecake, and spent some time just relaxing around the table. Then we heard a a bang. My mother, sister and I looked at each other, waiting for Hudson to start crying (it sounded like he banged himself in the other room). We all assumed that he must have been fine since it remained quiet. Then a couple of minutes later...Bosco started going crazy barking. I went to get him (thinking I was going to punish him for barking for no reason), and realized that he barking because my father had fainted and was on the floor! My dad tried to get up, and fainted again. To make a long story short, he wound up going to the Emergency Room, spent the night there, and after all the various tests came back negative, he was released the next morning. SCARY night. Bosco was sooooo concerned when my dad was on the floor. He wouldn't take his eyes off of him. He wouldn't wag his tail even with all the praise and petting he received from the kids (Romy, Victor, and Edouard). He only resumed to being himself after I let him go back and sniff my dad, once my dad was feeling a little better. Dogs are pretty cool, eh?

2. Hudson is talking a lot more lately. Every day he seems to say another word that he didn't say just the day before. This morning he came into the bedroom holding toilet paper in his hands. He said "Und bosh me hands mommy" (translation: I washed my hands mommy). He was trying to use the toilet paper to dry his wet hands. Ummmmm...considering both Rob and I were in bed, and Hudson is way too small to turn on the faucet by himself, I was more than confused.

"How did you wash your hands, Hudson? Where did you get the water?" I asked.

"potty" he answered.



"YOU WASHED YOUR HANDS IN THE POTTY?!?" I repeated, because I didn't believe it. "SHOW ME WHERE YOU WASHED YOUR HANDS!" I said, wanting 100% proof that my kid really washed his hands in my TOILET.

He walked me over to the bathroom and pointed at the toilet bowl.


"yes mommy" he answers so sweetly.

Ew. Even my dog has never ever done that.

3. I never heard of the word "wriggle" before. I HAVE heard (and used) the word "wiggle"...but never "wriggle". And it's used in soooo many of Hudson's children's books.

4. Speaking of children's books...we were at the library today and I borrowed a book JUST to blog about it. Because it's sooooo super creepy. Click on the pictures to enlarge them to get the full effect. And they are NOT drawn over, as in some weirdo graffiti-ed over a normal drawing...they are MEANT to look like that.

That kid is drawn so insanely creepy, I can't even believe it. And it's a SERIES. There are numerous "David" books...and they're all drawn like that. He looks like a horror-movie character!

5. My kid is cute. Take a look for yourself.

Enjoying a walk around Beaver Lake, at Mont Royal

Licking every last drop of ice cream. This "habit" started while on vacation in Mexico.

Helping daddy fix mama's car. Rob is trying to push out one of the dents from my accident. Hudson is trying to ADD more dents with his "tools". And yes, that would be Duct tape holding my side view mirror on.


Sonia said...

How scary! Glad your dad is ok. Good boy Bosco!

Ha least Hudson tried to wash his own hands. You have to give the boy some credit for trying to be independent. :)

Yup, David looks creepy.

Audrey said...

Mom should like Bosco now, eh? What a good boy he is. And yes, I agree, Hudson is a cutie. I can't believe that he washed his hands in the potty! Hahaha. I like the picture of him licking the bowl clean too.

Anonymous said...

Amazing stories...
I like it.
cute Hudsons picture.
I miss you already.

see you soon


Susan said...

Hahaha, the `hand washing` is too funny!
...and about that`'David' series - it may totally creepy to us adults but its actually very intriguing to little boys (meaning, Victor & Edouard loved reading them). I couldn`t say anything negative since it was actually making them read...

Jess said...

Ahhhhh HAAHAAHAAAA I can see you exactly freaking out about the potty...AhhhhhhHAAAAAAAA, sooooo funnny! But, glad Dad is ok....

Chantal said...

Whoa, that was a scary read in the beginning. Hope your dad's ok now.

I like the nonchalant way Hudson told you about using the water in the potty. He sure is intelligent and used problem solving skills. C'mon! Secretly, I bet ya he and his dad high-fived each other afterwards. hehehe.

Angella said...

He truly is adorable.

I have a daughter...