Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stinker Boy and Sweet Taffy

I had my suspicions that he was up to no good, when things got a little too quiet while I was taking a shower...

when I got out of the bathroom...I walked into the loft to see EVERY SINGLE BOOK of Hudson's in a pile on the floor. There wasn't one book left on his shelf. We're talking maybe 60-70 books. He was quite satisfied with his work. He enjoys being a stinker.

We went Sugaring-Off on the weekend. It was something I did every year in elementary school. Something I always LOVED. Hudson loves taffy on snow as much as I do. We shared one stick, and he hogged it! He'd give me a one second lick, and then chant that it was "Hudson's turn! Hudson's turn! Hudson's turn!"...and then keep it protectively in his mouth until I was chanting "Mommy's turn! Mommy's turn! Mommy's turn!". Yes I'm mature like that.

There's nothing like eating a plate full of food that you smother in real maple syrup.


Audrey said...

Hudson DOES look really proud of his book pile. That's why you were so worried this morning when you were on the phone with me and the house was too quiet. haha...he knows how to create his own amusement.

I REALLY miss sugaring off. I want to go so so badly with Alex and Rachel. They would love it so much. You guys are lucky that you went. BTW...there doesn't seem to be any snow there at all on the ground. Hooray! And you look really good in that red jacket.

Anonymous said...

that is fun story.

cute hudson.
i hope see you soon.


Chantal said...

Wow, so Hudson + Keira would = Total disaster zone.
Come on over to my place Hudson, I don't mind the mess so much anymore. You and Keiks would have fun!

Susan said...

Come on Audrey, Christian's got many friends that own Cabane A Sucre's so it'd be fun!
BTW: that jacket on Joyce used to be Ro's...

Sonia said...

Ha ha, Hudson, you are a riot!

I love that slightly long hair on him..he looks adorable, even if he's being a stinker.

Shannon said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'm never sugared off. What a fun tradition.