Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bot Bot

One of Hudson's favorite games lately is to chase you around, pretending to be a robot (bot-bot). The more you run away being scared...the better.

P.S. Don't mind the mess. We're in the middle of packing ('s official...we're moving before the end of the month...that is another post all in itself!).


Sonia said...

That's one cute robot!

Are you staying in the same province?

Chantal said...

So cute!

Hey, you're moving again? Where to?

Anonymous said...

Moving...I hear ya! We are in box hell at our house.

Move date soon?


Audrey said...

I didn't see any boxes.....

Very cute robot. I miss him. He's growing up too fast.

Anonymous said...


There are no boxes because all of the boxes are at my house!.....I am moving too. I packed 50 boxes of storage stuff on the weekend. We have so much Junk!


Audrey said...

Good luck moving Nat! When I look around my house I think that we have accumulated so much junk too!

Faye said...

Gotta love those scary "bots"!

Give the cute scary guy a big hug for me please!