Friday, November 14, 2008

Why I love my sisters

8:00am: Try frosting cupcakes to look like Bert, Ernie, Elmo and Cookie Monster

8:05am: Start getting in bad mood

8:10am: Hudson guesses that my "Ernie" is "Bert"

8:15am: Rob tries to help me by making another equally sucks (sorry Rob)

8:20am: Realize I haven't fed Hudson or Bosco any breakfast because I'm trying to make dumb cupcakes

9:05am: Call my sister Susan at work and tell her I need her to bring a back-up cake for Hudson because my cupcakes are friggen ugly

She tells me she already had planned to bring one (actually I think she said two).

I tell her I didn't prepare any loot bags.

She informs me she has those ready for me too.

I tell her I love her before I hang up.

The inspiration for my attempt

"My" version (that looks like Hudson decorated his own birthday cupcakes)

What I did with the rest of the icing...they look a lot more edible, don't they?


Susan said...

You are too funny; I'll try one of you very sugary looking creations... I'm going to have to brew a very large pot of strong coffee for me with an equally large jug of milk for the kids.
See you soon!
ps. Don't expect too much from my lootbags!

Shannon said...

Wow! Your sister rocks!!!
And I don't think the Bert & Ernie cupcakes are ugly. I think they are quite cute. Cookie Monster has the coolest eyes. Good job Joyce!

Jessica said...

Ummmm....Cookie Monster and Elmo do look a little like they're on drugs....but good attempt....

Anonymous said...

OMG I can't stop laughing! This is why I love YOU!

I'm going to save your pics and whenever I'm in a bad mood I'll look at them.


Audrey said...

Joyce those cupcakes look delicious! Honestly I like your Sesame Street cupcake attempt. They look FUN!

And I can see why you and Jan are such good friends. haha

joyce said...

Jan...don't they remind you of our first Chinese Dragon attempt?!? I was totally thinking of that when I was taking these pictures! Ha ha ha

Carleen said...

Joyce those are very cute! I LOVE the eyes! Hudson is one lucky boy to have you as his Mama!
Have a relaxing weekend!

Kaili said...

My Mom commented? HUH! Crazy!

Hilarious story! haha! Sisters ROCK! I am SO SO SO blessed that mine lives RIGHT down the road!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Heck, Id eat em.

Audrey said...

Sooooooo....where are the bday party pics?!!!!

Chantal said...

hey, i love those cupcakes! what's so crappy 'bout em? they look really good to me (and edible). i'm supposed to be a "designer" but i have no talents in cooking or cupcake/cake decorating what-so-ever. Sad really...

hudson, you're lucky! hey sue, next time i'm gonna get you as my birthday planner. : )

Chantal said...

actually, have to admit, my sis Chris is pretty damned good too. : )