Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cake, cake, and more cake

Hudson was lucky enough to have cake three times for his birthday! He enjoyed every bite, every time. So did I.

But can you believe that our camera ran out of batteries after just 2 pictures?!? I always have the camera handy for dumb pictures of Bosco drooling on Hudson's lap, but don't have it ready for his second birthday pictures. Figures.

Here are the ones that we did manage to snap. Susan emailed me the others. Thanks for bailing me out, once again!

Party at his Nanny and Bob's

Celebrating with his cousins, Sarah and the newest addition to the family...Olivia (the sweetest, most melt-in-your-arms baby ever).

Hudson and Romy (his FAVORITE person ever)

What am I doing here, I have no idea, but considering there are almost no pictures of his party, I decided to post it anyway.

Balloons and cake (and his best friends "Ro, Ed, and Kuh" aka Romy, Edouard, and Victor) were all he really needed to make his day perfect

The remnants of yummy yummy cheesecake. Also...his cool Auntie Susan made that shirt for Hudson. I know he will ask to wear it every. single. day.

We ended the weekend by watching our community Santa Claus Parade tonight. This was the one last picture our camera let me take before it really died. It was really really cold, but Hudson patiently waved at all the decorated floats passing by us for over an see Santa for all of 10 seconds.


Anonymous said...

It is wonderful pictures.
I like them all/

I love you hudson.
See you soom,


Chantal said...

Oh wow! What a gorgeous family! Always feels good to celebrate birthdays. Thank goodness I don't like cakes... whew, but that's alot of cake to go through..

Susan said...

Poor Hudson, he looks so pooped out at his 3rd B-day party!
He is such a cutie; I'm glad that you weren't insulted that he prefered Romy to you... also maybe its a good thing that you don't live too close or he'd pick up all the bad habits from Edouard...
p.s. it was great to see you too, Happy Belated Birthday!

Kaili said...

You are SO Audrey with loving cake! :)
Romy is SO grown up and beautiful! I know I say that every time I see her, but come on, she is gorgeous!
Happy Birthday Hudson!

Audrey said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Where is Victor in all the photos? Love the orange Bert and Ernie shirt. Get ready to wash that shirt for wear every day, eh?
Even the cake plate that Hudson is eating off of makes me miss 'home'!

Shannon said...

I think everyone should celebrate their birthdays like Hudson. My friend calls it "Birthday Week" and Hudson did it up in style. ALL those cakes and cupcakes look so yummy!

So, what did he do when he woke up on the fourth day with no cake?

And that is a cool t-shirt his auntie made.