Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Hudson!

Updated with some pictures, which Blogger decided to put in reverse order...but you get the idea!

Good mama: Put up lots of orange and yellow streamers for Hudson's birthday decorations so he'd be surprised when he came downstairs this morning
Bad mama: Forgot to buy balloons

Good mama: Wanted to go out to the store at 9pm last night to buy some balloons
Bad mama: Didn't go...only because Hudson was coughing so badly that he was waking up every half hour, crying for his mama (so kinda makes me Good Mama too)

Good mama: Have a delicious looking Caramel Cheesecake in the fridge for Hudson's birthday cake
Bad mama: Have no idea if Hudson even really likes cheesecake, but this Mama sure does, and so I bought it instead of the florescent red Spiderman cake he kept pointing to at the bakery counter yesterday

Good mama: Let Hudson open his Birthday present first thing this morning (cute puzzle that you match the mama animal with it's baby)
Bad mama: Got frusterated when he didn't want to put it together

Good mama: Got up with Hudson at 5:15am (!) this morning
Bad mama: Tempted to drug him with some Baby Benadryl to make him sleepy again

Good mama: Hug and kiss Hudson all the time
Bad mama: Force him to hug and kiss me back

Happy 2nd Birthday Hudson!!!
I love you with all my heart.


Chantal said...

hehehe, still giggling here at work. You are SO FUNNY!

Hey Hudson! Happy Birthday, 2 already. Wow, getting to be a big big boy!

I'm STILL giggling at work...: ) Man, Keira would play with the box and not the toy/doll/gift that was in the box. lol.
Enjoy the day guys!

Susan said...

Joyce you are too funny!
I always wish that I could get into Edouard's head sometimes so that I can "see" how he sees the world (Kind of like "Being J.Malkovich): I guess I'll just have to wait till he has his own blog and spills his thoughts on paper like my little sister...
Have a happy day, Hudson, despite whatever your Mama tries to enforce on you!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Hudson! Sure hope you feel better on your birthday! Enjoy your day with your great Mama and great Papa!

Shannon said...

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday to you too Mama!!! Hope you had a fun day with your boys!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. Hudson
More picture please...


Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Hudson! We love you! I see that Bert and Ernie did not miss the special occasion. Hope you enjoyed your first cheesecake!

Susan said...

Audrey, not everyone lives out in Penticton where french bakeries are scarce... Hudson's already had cheesecake a couple of times in Montreal!
p.s. So did Hudson like his cake?

joyce said...

He loved his cake. It really was's the Dulce de Leche one from Loblaws. So yummy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hudson!


Shannon said...

Did you say dulce de leche? That might actually convert me to being a cheesecake eater. Yum!

I love kids and candles. They get so mesmerized. Looks like he felt better with that big smile on his face.

Anonymous said...

I miss you Hudson.
see you soon later.
Do not forget it...

have a nice trip.