Thursday, October 09, 2008

Being a mother makes me sound like an angry B_TCH

Is it the Terrible two's? That he's a true Stinker (aka naughty)? Or that I just have no patience? Which is it?!?

"Hudson, wait for mom" (who is walking up the stairs by himself, and KNOWS he isn't allowed to do this on his own)

He ignores me and continues up the stairs.

"Hudson, wait for mom...if you fall down you'll get a really big boo-boo" I say with more authority in my voice.

Still not listening.

"HUDSON WAIT FOR MOMMMM!!!" voice of "devil-psycho-mom-from-hell" is yelling.

This happens often throughout the day lately.

"Hudson be careful"

"Hudson be careful, your head is close to banging the table"

"HUDSON BE CAREFUL, GODDAMMIT!" (Okay I don't say that last word, but it's implied in my voice).

"Hudson hold my hand in the parking lot"

"Hudson hold my hand in the parking lot there are cars coming"

"HUDSON HOLD MY HANDDDD!" I say and grab his wrist and hold on tight even though his body is writhing and anyone within view probably thinks I've just kidnapped this kid who is trying desperately to run away from me.

I swear to God, both Hudson and Bosco don't listen to me unless I sound really really mad. Really really mad.


Shannon said...

I can just imagine how you feel when this alien voice comes out of you and you wonder "where did THAT come from?" Selective hearing is something I am not looking forward to in a few years time. Good luck.

Susan said...

Ha ha ha... now comes the "fun" part with Hudson.
According to my gang, whenever they tell me that I'm the meanest mommy in the world, I calmly reply "It's my job."

p.s. Have you tried whispering instead? It intrigues them to listen to us...

Audrey said...

I still remember Romy telling me in full sentence when she was 1 years old that her mama was very mad at her that day! So funny. We got to have the mom voice sometimes...

Shannon said...

I like your advice Susan!

Chantal said...

hey susan!! I use that too! lol. Homygosh, I have to laugh Joyce cuz he's at that age where defiance is the word, with a capital D. Girl, my kid STILL doesn't listen to me. Apart from dangerous places (i.e. the parking lot, near streets etc), I let her discover the bumps, falls and whatever else that happens when she doesn't "listen".

Let Hudson discover it too and then say, "I told you so". hehehehe. Trust me, sometimes they're so peeved they don't cry. :p

Grace said...

I totally understand!! I somehow found your blog through another blog and just had to comment on this. I have a 22 month old and sometimes I swear I feel like a crazy person when I yell at him. Why does it take so much for them to listen sometimes? crazy. You arent alone :)

Sonia said...

Not sure if it's gender related (as well as the terrible twos), but I found that Ava listened a lot better then Brandon.

I might have had to ask Ava once, maybe twice not to do something (back when she was Brandon's age). With Brandon, I have to repeatedly tell him and then most times, end up grabbing him (in dangerous situations). He just doesn't get it!