Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Not a big hit

A dozen of my homemade banana muffins, strawberry-apple muffins, blueberry muffins, and even carrot muffins don't last more than 12 hours in our house.

The zucchini ones I baked yesterday morning? They're still sitting on the counter.

I just made a cream cheese icing to make them more palatable. I gave one to Hudson...who just licked the icing off and gave the rest to the dog.

At least HE ate it.


Chantal said...

holy schmoly! you cook?? hmm...did you mention that it was zucchini muffins? i HEARD zucchini muffin and cake is pretty good but, uh, I can't get past the veggie part. lol.

Susan said...

Hudson doesn't get tricked that easily... why don't you tell him that the zucchini is Oscar the Grouch's favorite food?!

Audrey said...

My neighbor made us zucchini chocolate muffins and it tasted just like chocolate muffins. You can mask the veggie part with lots of chocolate so I don't know how healthy they will end up.

kimberleyblue said...

Yup, i make a chocolate-zucchini loaf, (often with chocolate chunks inside) and no one ever knows it's zucchini.

joyce said...

I think the problems were:

1. I TOLD Rob that they were zucchini muffins.
2. I used whole wheat flour (which makes most baked goods less yummy)
3. I skimped on the sugar because 1 1/3 cups sounded crazy for muffins...I think I used a little more than half a cup.

And yes Chantal, I cook and bake. When you're a Stay at Home mom...there unfortunately aren't many excuses for NOT having a dinner cooked.

Shannon said...

That's hilarious, and good for you for trying to bake with zucchini. I have had chocolate zucchini cake before, and it's good, but you always have to mask the flavour. You're probably better off chopping zucchini into small bits into spaghetti instead.

Sonia said...

Haha..you're too funny. Yup, veggies have to be hidden in food for Ava to eat it.

Brandon on the other hand loves most veggies, he just doesn't eat much fruit. Go figure.