Saturday, September 01, 2007

my little Swiffer!

Hudson has been keeping me on my toes lately. He crawls like a little maniac...slapping his hands down as fast as they can go...gets to his desired destination...then pulls himself up...holding onto any and everything. He then thinks he can let go...needlesstosay he's bonked his head, face, bum, pretty much every imaginable body part in the process. I seriously can't look away for even one second. Because he's drawn to naughty things like a magnet. Typical boy.

look at his knees! I swear to god I vacuumed yesterday!

This blanket was a gift from a 90 something year old lady staying at the hotel where Rob works. He spent an hour or so talking to her one night, and he must have charmed her pretty good, because she bought Hudson this cute blankie. Isn't that crazy nice?


Audrey said...

That is really nice. Almost like that stranger who you used to take the bus with that bought you a baby gift too. Good to know that there are kind people out there.

Vacuum EVERY day. Bosco is cute but he sheds way too much.

And of course, my nephew is as handsome as ever.

Talk to you soon.

Susan said...

Hey Joyce,
Why don`t you put a hospital mask on Hudson (to avoid breathing in all that dog hair) and just stick swiffer pad`s to his knees... he gets the exercise that he craves and you get your floor`s cleaned for free!
you`re too cute, Hudson!

Anonymous said...

Hudson is so cute Joyce!!!

Kaili said...

Hudson is SO big now! And SO adorable!! I love that he waved at Jaia, so fun! I swear the stage before they start walking is so hard, you have to ALWAYS be watching them, and they always want to be put down at the worst times like at a store or in a parking lot. Oh man!

Shannon said...

He is getting so big! Hard to believe he'll be one soon.

Anonymous said...

Hudson is just adorable as always! Yup, your house looks like mine..even immediately after a vacuuming. Except it's not our dog that sheds, but our damn cat. Yes, I love my swiffer! Beats having to pull the vacuum out every time.

I like Susan's idea. It would work too! You should use some sticker backed velcro and stick the swiffer sheets to his knees and bumb LOL