Monday, September 03, 2007

I'm going to toot my own horn

wanna hear a crazy story?

i just saved my neighbour.
for real.
the doorbell rang.
and it was my next door neighbour...
not making any noise.
so i did the heimlich manoeuvre on her.
and it worked.
yay me!
i still called 911 afterward.
they came...lights going...stretcher and all.
they wanted to take her to the hospital because apparently "it" (piece of meatloaf) could come back up and cause her to choke again.
but she didn't want to go, and instead chose to stay at my house for an hour, until it safely went down.
she confided that this was her WORST nightmare.
she's in her 50's and single...lives alone.
she said she often worried about choking and no one being around to help her.
i showed her how to do the heimlich on yourself using a hard chair.
look at me go!

p.s. hudson was laughing and smiling the whole time...she joked about it afterward...


Audrey said...

Toot Toot!

Way to go Joyce! I can't believe that you did that. Really....that's awesome. That's my biggest fear that my daughters might choke and I won't be able to calm down enough to help them. I need you to live next door to me. :)

Chantal Park said...

NO WAY! that is some story to tell your grandkids. ALRIGHT Joyce! I don't know if I would have stayed calm and collected like you....

Anonymous said...

that's my hero!!!
Love you

Kaili said...

Wow, way to go Super Mama!!!

Shannon said...

That is fantastic Joyce! You should toot your own horn! That is amazing that she had the strength and forethought to go to your house for help! And a miracle that you were home! That is amazing. You're such a good Samaritan.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! That is awesome! Nothing like doing your GOOD DEED for the day!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good for you Joyce! Boy is your neighbor ever lucky you knew how to help her!


Susan said...

Hey SuperMom!!
Hudson must be so proud...

Way to go!

Susie said...

You are so amazing. A true blue hero. I wonder what our neighbour would do???? Glad everyone is alright. PS: I linked to your blog through Kaili's.