Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Are you there God...it's me, Joyce?

Do you guys remember that book? I think it was by Judy Bloom. I remember loving it. Anyway, it has nothing to do with this post aside from the catchy title.

I have to be honest and admit that most of the times when I pray it's because I'm asking for something. Nothing tangible...like "Please God, send me those platform sandels I love so much"...I'm not that shallow. But I have SERIOUSLY prayed after drinking too much "Please God if you make me stop feeling like this, I'll NEVER drink again". Or "Please God, let me pass this exam/assignment/course, and next time I'll prepare myself better". Many prayers are asking for things that are about loved ones, like "Please God, let my dad be okay". You see the pattern...my prayers were always ASKING for something. Almost the same as wishing on a star, or writing to Santa.

But now...I am constantly...multiple times a day...THANKING God. "God, thank you for Hudson". I say these 5 words all the time. Because having a baby is truely a blessing.


Susan said...

Being the youngest sister, you have always been the spoiled one...
It is fantastic to see you loving your son, so selflessly! Hudson is one lucky child, growing up with all that love!

Audrey said...

Nice thoughtful post Joyce. Are you sure you don't say....Thank you God for Hudson, and can you please make him sleep longer than a 5 minute nap today?

joyce said...


and ha ha ha Audrey...no I have not prayed for that recently...in the beginning yes...now...not so much.

Kaili said...

Haha! Reading your posts is half the fun, then the other half is reading your sis' commetns to your post!!! Hahaha! Love sisters, too funny!
Hudson surely is loved.
Joyce I can't believe Audrey complains, she's got it SO easy!!! Haha!
Audrey and I were laughing away yesterday about EVERYTHING comparing you and her. Too funny!

Did Audrey tell you her and i are going to school together? Haha! We are going to get matching princess back packs. haha!

Chantal Park said...

Joyceee-yah, I read Sue's post and you know what? If you were spoiled as a child...you turned out to be an A-List person.

I also like Audrey's comment, cuz I used to do that too! lol

Chantal Park said...

BTW, isn't the title, "Are you there God, it's me MARGARET"?