Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's going to be a challenge...

Hudson is 9 months old. He's been sleeping in our bed since my dad's anneurysm. It originally started because we had many people staying with us in the beginning, and we didn't want him to wake everyone up when he cried in the middle of the night. Especially since everyone was already so stressed and lacking sleep. Almost 5 months later...he's still sleeping with us. And every night, I say that it's going to be his last...that he's going to go in his's hasn't happened yet.
And it's going to be hard.

Our bed:
1. cloud-like memory foam mattress topper
2. 400 thread count, egyptian cotton sheets
3. down filled comforter
4. feather pillows
5. snuggles with mama and papa
6. boob on demand

1. plastic mattress that makes crinkling noise with every movement
2. cotton sheets with no mention of thread count...can't be good
3. polyester filled comforter
4. no pillows (not safe for babies)
5. snuggles with stuffed animals
6. wake up and cry for boob

he's no dummy...there's no comparison.

and this morning...i woke up to find his head on my pillow. i always put him in the middle of us, in the middle of the bed, with his head on the mattress. i felt him squirming, moving around a bit, but i just ignored him and kept sleeping. i guess he managed to squirm his head up to the pillow. he looked so cute and comfy.

9 months old and I'm still breastfeeding and co-sleeping. who would have thunk it?


Audrey said...

"If he is old enough to 'ask' for boob then he's too old for boob." Where did I originally hear that from? hahaha I bet you are going to nurse him longer than I did with the twins. Just like you went out and bought blue eye shadow a few months after making fun of me!

Anonymous said...

Co-sleeping and still breastfeeding?
Lucky lucky Hudson to have chosen you for his mom!!!! Keep it up - these are times that will pass all to quickly and times you will never regret when you see your relationship deepen more and more.
Hudson will have warm memories of those days and don't worry - he won't be there forever.
Our oldest son is 36 and he doesn't sleep with us anymore!
All 5 of my children have wonderful memories of our family bed and we still all have the best talks hanging out on the bed.
Again - lucky Hudson!! You are an amazing mom!
KL :)

Kaili said...

He is SO going to be SAYING, "Mommy, boob?" and running to get the pillow! Hahaha! What goes around comes around!!! hahaha!
So cool that Kathie commented on your blog!
I grew up in a family bed, I'm not weird am I? Hahaha!
Jaia LOVES family bed, and I LOVE having him close. He often will wiggle around and snuggle right into our faces and sleep WAY better there. So cute about H-man sharing your pillow, so cute!

Instead of worrying every night that you are doing something wrong and that H should be in his bed that DOESN'T have 400 count sheets (haha, too funny!) enjoy the snuggles, cause one day he won't want to snuggle, and you'll miss all those little moments, like now. EnjoY!

Amanda said...

Funny how we end up doing what we think we never will.
I love your new haircut, by the way!

Anonymous said...

What a good Mama you are..yes enjoy those sweet-sleeps!!!

Chantal Park said...

well, all's i can say is....right on hudson! lol. we've been trying to get keira to sleep with us for 2 and a half years. well, the first few months, she slept in her little bassinet-type thing beside us cuz we were afraid we'd roll over her..not good. and then, she's a big squirmer so out she went. but now! we've been trying to just get her to chillax but no can do. she just wants her own crib...or us holding her.

enjoy! and when he gets bigger, enjoy the kicks to your face from his feet. lol!!

Anonymous said...

hellllloooooooooo? We need a blog update please.