Sunday, July 29, 2007

Things that made me laugh this week...

There were many things the girls said that cracked me are just a few that come to mind...

1. "NO Bos-a-co (Bosco was three syllables) NO!!!" I seriously heard this hundreds of times this week.

2. "Alex, you're not sharing" Rachel
"I know...but sometimes it's HARD to share, right?" Alex
"Yes, sometimes it's hard to share" Rachel

3. "Mama, don't let Baby Hudson get it (their Fairytopia doll)...he makes CRAZY HAIR" (he would turn the fairy's pretty hair into one. serious. afro.)

4. " you know how to read?"

5. "Joycie, there is a lot of Bos-a-co's hair on the floor" (they were amazed at the concept of a shedding dog...since their Tobi doesn't shed)

6. "That's and Alex just want to play by ourselves"
" want some privacy?"
"Yes, we want privacy"

7. "What's that?" referring to Baby Hudson's "wee-wee"

8. "Maybe you should let Mama hold Baby Hudson" (when Hudson was in THEIR mama being better at consoling him)

9. "Mama, it's not FAIR that you're wearing a dress when we are only wearing a skirt" (real tears in eyes...could they be any more girly-girls?)

10. "Girls...I'm going to miss you so much when you go back home...I didn't get enough of you this week! Are you going to miss me?" I asked

"um, no."


audrey said...

No Bos-a-co, NO!

Where is Baby Hudson going to sit? Beside me? Then I will put tiger over on the other side. :)

Mama, Baby Hudson puked!

Too many funny things that I remember too. Does Baby Hudson and Bos-a-co miss us? We miss you guys. I'm sure you are loving the quiet house though, eh?

Anonymous said...

What made me laugh super hard this week...

"you know what i like about him?"

i don't think you finished that off.

oh joyce!

jan :)

Anonymous said...

That is soooo cute. I love the things that kids say. So honest and innocent!

I remember (a long time ago!) when Susan and Romy came to see Nicho when he was born. She wouldn`t let me hold Nicho. I guess she noticed I was new at this!


Shannon said... did you explain #7?? ;)

I can feel your pain regarding #10 Joyce. Those girls are hilarious. Jeff and I spent the 10 hour carride home giggling over their sayings.

Kaili said...

They ARE hambones!

Chantal Park said...

I LOVE this! lol