Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hot Squirrels...and Puppydog Tails...

It's CRAZY hot here! Crazy, insane hot. I opened the front door to get the mail, and it seriously felt like I was opening a door to a sauna. I am so incredibly happy that we got central air. It was worth every unpaid penny (we don't have to pay until Sept.'08)!!! Anyway, we were hanging out in the nice, cool, air conditioned family room...when I noticed that Bosco was overly interested in something outside. I looked outside to find...a squirrel lying on the ledge of our fence. It wasn't moving. It was just lying there, with it's little tiny legs dangling over the edge. I watched it for a while...seconds turned into minutes...which turned into more minutes...and more minutes. It stayed like that for almost a half hour. I wondered if I should go out and cool it down with the hose. Yes, I'm crazy. Yes, it NEVER would have stayed still for me to hose it down. I just felt bad for the little guy. I spent a few seconds taking pictures...guess who got into mischief???

I realized after taking a few pictures, that Hudson was unusually quiet. I looked down to find that he had discovered Bosco's tail. Cute, I thought as I took a picture. Then one second later...Hudson decided to bend down for a...TASTE!!! I reacted as fast as I could, but...not fast enough. Hudson put Bosco's tail right in his mouth. It came out soggy with drool.

P.S. Don't tell my mom. She'll freak.


Susan said...

Thanks Hudson,
I really needed a good laugh and your natural curiositity did it!
Have fun discovering the world (any way that is deemed acceptable by your mommy, of course)

audrey said...

Joyce, you crack me up with your writing style. 'Worth every unpaid penny".hahahaha

Don't let Hudson do that again! I love Bosco and all but he sheds too much

Jessica said...

I would like to se a picture of the new do please.....

Kaili said...

Poor little squirrel!
Is Hudson crawling??
YUCK to the dog tail tasting, NASTY!
Yes the TOO quite moments ALWAYS give it away when your child is into something, so funny.

You got a new do? I wanna see too!!!

Shannon said...

That squirrel is hilarious. I am jealous you have central air. How did that work that you don't have to pay for a year? I seriously need to know Joyce.

Anonymous said...

HA HA The Squirel is so cute. That is what Gio used to do on the couch arms.