Sunday, July 29, 2007

Masterpieces by Alex et Rachel

One thing my house definitely lacks is color...EVERYTHING is neutral...beige, brown, off-white. Bor-ing! Now I have these bright, beautiful pieces of art to display...don't they liven up our house?

The last picture is of our yummy "picnic" lunch with my dad. We feasted on BBQ and cake! So nice to be all together. We were missing you Sue and family!


audrey said...

I love the pictures, especially the last one. Too bad dad wasn't looking at the camera. I think he was looking at the yummy cake. Yes, I was thinking the same thing at lunch....we missed you Susan and family.

Shannon said...

Yes, Joyce you are truly lucky to have such beautiful masterpieces hanging in your home! Where on earth did you buy canvas? I bet the girls were thrilled!

LOVE the bottom photo! You all look so happy to be together! Even Hudson is looking at the camera. Beautiful family - sounds like it was a fun visit and a wonderful picnic! Your dad looks so good!

Kaili said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL pictures, so fun!
That last picture is SO nice of all of you, everyone is looking except your Dad, but he's got his eye on the cake! Yum!

And Joyce you are looking GREAT. One hot Mama!

Chantal Park said...

The paintings look great! You guys looked like you had fun. Was nice to see your dad too.