Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our Busy B & B!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks at our house...we've had many visitors come and go. It was busy, crazy, and super fun! Now everyone is gone, and it's almost TOO quiet...Rob's watching a movie, Hudson is sleeping, and I'm finally catching up blogging.

I LOVED seeing everyone, but it's always after visits like these, that I realize how crappy it is to live so far away from family and friends. It makes me sad to say "goodbye" again and again. I would love for Hudson to have REGULAR contact with everyone...grow up being close to loved ones. He LOVED his cousins Alex and Rachel. He was entertained just watching them play (they on the otherhand thought "Baby Hudson" was annoying).

Jan...I'm counting on you to convince Glen and Akiko to come with you next time...

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audrey said...

Alex & Rachel will keep Baby Hudson well entertained for the 6 months in Penticton. :)