Tuesday, March 27, 2007

it's all worth it...

All parents-to-be say they won't change just because they have a baby. I said it. Numerous times. I thought I'd remain exactly the same as pre-baby, the only difference being that I had a little one in my life. Well there goes that theory!

Things that have changed about me since having Hudson (or otherwise known as "Things that make me a good mama"):
  1. I don't wear lipstick anymore. Not because there isn't time to put it on. But because I LOVE to kiss my baby. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I kiss him a million times a day. I kiss him on the lips. I kiss him on his chubby cheeks. I kiss his stinky toes. I kiss his big, round belly. Lipstick would just be messy. And get on his delicate skin. So I have forfeited sexy lips in order to kiss my baby as much as I want...as hard as I want.
  2. I don't wear perfume anymore. I have worn perfume everyday ever since I can remember, before having a baby. I used to say that I wanted to own a "perfume store" when I was a little girl. I love good fragrances. But wearing a million chemicals and then snuggling my baby seems like a bad idea. Maybe I'm being paranoid...but Hudson should smell his mama naturally, shouldn't he?
  3. I keep my fingernails short. And polish-free. Low maintenance and kinda ugly...but I don't have to worry about scratching him with all the diaper changes, baths, changing his clothes...etc. we do everyday. There is this one picture of Anna Nicole Smith giving Dannielynn a bath, and her perfectly manicured fake long nails look pretty...but I couldn't help but wonder how many times she accidently poked her baby with them.
  4. I wear comfortable & casual clothes now. I have stopped wearing "fuzzy" sweaters...wool, angora, even my favorite cashmere one from my sister...because the "fuzz" from these kind of fabrics "shed" onto Hudson's face. I am not exaggerating. I realized that I was pulling these fuzzies off of his face and mouth, because he was snuggling into my sweaters. So I delibrately wear basic cotton now. And my baby stays fuzz free.
Soooo...I know I look less posh and don't smell pretty anymore...but I won't complain...it's all worth it...just look at him...wouldn't you trade being "hip" for his kisses and snuggles???


Audrey said...

That must be my all time favorite picture of Hudson. So peaceful and deliciously cute. His chubby arms look warm around his chubby belly.

Anonymous said...

Love your post..and what a great mamma you are! And Audrey is right..that is such a sweet picture of Hudson.


Susan said...

Joyce, you are too funny!
Don't worry, the days of pretty manicures and hot shades of lipstick will return when Hudson is in Kindergarten...
That's when you got to look like a "hot" Mom on all those field trips and volunteer days.

Audrey said...

What?!!! You mean in 2 years when the girls go to Kindergarten I'll be HOT again?!!!! Wohoo!!!!

Kaili said...

I haven't worn earrings in sooo long, same thing!
Way to go for the BEST things in life!