Wednesday, March 28, 2007

bad mama...

I won't win any "best mama" awards...cuz i apparently don't know how to cut Hudson's nails properly. No matter how short or often I cut them...he manages to scratch his face with his sharp little nails. Every time I turn around it seems there is a new cut or scratch on his face. This is the worst...on his nose, forehead, cheeks. Honest it's all him.


Audrey said...

He has the cutest sleepers. And lots and lots of scratches. I don't think I've ever seen a baby with that many scratches on their face. Doesn't the mama look after him? Jeesh.

Just kidding sis. It's so normal at this stage. I remember the girls would scratch themselves all the time. It seemed that their nails grew every day!

Kaili said...

I think it's the clippers. I have one pair that is great and don't leave any sharp edges, but the other pair (gerber) leave Jaia's nails with little edges to scratch sweet faces with. I understand your dilema!
And YES their nails grow SO fast when they are breastfed! :)