Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hudson's a Homebody

My little Stinker is a homebody. I got him all dressed up, put on some makeup myself...dragged my sick husband off the go out to my coworkers place for a dinner party last night. I was so excited to see my friends again. I envisioned eating, laughing, showing off cute, little Hudson. But my little Stinker had other plans. He preferred an evening of crying his eyes out. Yup...Hudson apparently doesn't like dinner parties. Little Bugger cried on and off the whole night. The only person who got to see his beautiful smile and hear his beautiful laugh was his papa, when they were alone together in the other room...away from all the other guests. Silly kid.

On another note...our new exercise routine is going for walks in the Baby Bjorn with Bosco. Hudson's eyes get big, and he looks around...staring at everything...taking in the world. Both my boys seem to have fun on our walks. Only part I'm not crazy about is croching down to pick up poo while "wearing" a 16 pound boy. Oh the things mama's do...


Audrey said...

Hi Joyce,

You guys look great. I like your perfectly shaped eyebrows. Mine are always crazy looking.

Hudson looks big in your arms. Maybe because you are a tiny mama. And he should wear that shirt all the time...since it is soooooooo true. Don't worry, he will start to like strangers in a couple of months. I hope he likes me though!

Audrey said...

Oh..and I like how you decorated the rooms in your house...very stylish. But it looks like baby stuff has overrun each room. :)

Anonymous said...


Love the white bunting suit with ears...he looks adorable!


Anonymous said...

You are the best mama! Lucky Hudson to have you for his lovin Mama!